Agati Furniture


  • AGATI engineers its chairs for superior lumbar support, patron comfort and long life, not ease of manufacturing.

  • Many chair parts are steam bent rather than machined from glued-up or larger boards. More efficient use of product, results in less waste.

  • Whenever possible, table legs are machined from blanks cut from wood bats (short log cut-offs from the sawmill) instead of resawing thicker lumber. This process allows greater lumber yield from the log and reduces waste.

  • Table work surfaces are fabricated with Forbo Linoleum made from readily renewable natural materials. Forbo offers independent, peer-reviewed, full product Life-Cycle Assessments (LCA). Both Forbo and our laminate vendors are Greenguard certified.

  • The steel AGATI uses has a 50% recycled rate for all metal furniture. Powder coat finishes are available which means no VOCs.

  • Brushed stainless steel finishes are also available in select products.