Agati Furniture


  • AGATI's main material sources are hardwoods, which are sustainable solutions
     for eco-effective design and fabrication. We use locally grown hardwoods, coming from responsibly managed forests. American hardwoods (oak, cherry, maple, walnut) are renewable resources.

  • AGATI now offers FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood seating certified for "chain of custody" upon request. Only wood from SFI or PEFC certified forests is used and a certificate is provided proving wood was harvested legally and taken from an FSC managed forest. Proof of chain of custody will also be provided.

  • AGATI now offers furniture with FSC woods and composite cores. A certificate will be provided to prove the materials are FSC certified.

  • AGATI has switched to using "CARB" (California Air Resources Board) compliant composite wood products that meet Phase 1 and 2 Standards. This standard addresses the formaldehyde emissions from the composite wood products by reducing the parts per million levels of VOCs emitted into the atmosphere by the formaldehyde found in current composite wood products.

  • Water based glues are used for almost every application. Low VOC glues are Greenguard certified and used for all other applications.

  • AGATI now offers water-based finishes on all products except wood seating.