Agati Furniture


As a wood furniture manufacturer, our efforts are to keep our forests healthy.

AGATI believes in responsible business practices now, to ensure we will have

forests for future generations.


AGATI's mission is to be a high quality furniture resource to architects, designers and clients through our design, engineering, and project management expertise. Each design is carefully considered for structure, strength, and durability. These elements are critical to a long product lifecycle and reduced landfill waste. We produce sustainable products by using renewable American hardwoods and other natural materials to meet the goals of green architecture.

Designing for the Future 

AGATI designs stand the test of time. Classic designs that do not cater to trends extend the longevity of our products. Clients are more likely to hold onto furniture for their lifespan versus discarding and buying new because of outdated styles.

The following articles help to make a strong case for green architecture, how American hardwoods help to achieve this objective and how locally produced products are less polluting than imports.

For a PDF Version of our environmental polices, please click here.