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Browse, search, and sample CF Stinson and Mayer Fabrics.

Mayer Fabric Cards (Only Available via Digital Download). 


*Please Note: Not all fabrics on the above websites have been tested and approved for use on AGATI Hampton banquettes, Hampton Nook seats, and the POD. Please reference the links below for complete lists of approved and rejected fabrics to date. If you are interested in an unlisted fabric, AGATI will test the fabric of your choice for approval.*

AGATI Fabric Lists

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Wood Finishes

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Metal Powdercoat Finishes

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Forbo Marmoleum

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More colors are available at Forbo website:

AGATI recommends Real, Vivace, and Fresco.

Sensi Seating

AGATI Wood Samples

Sensi Chairs and Stools
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Altra Forma

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Laminates & Matching PVC Edges

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Care & Maintenance
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