Introducing Arlene, Our New High Back Lounge Chair

If you’ve been following us for a little while, you’ve likely heard us talk about the importance of uniting design and durability when designing furniture specifically for public spaces. Well, we take that seriously. 

Meet the Arlene

Our newest product, the Arlene Chair, is a perfect example of that. In fact, it actually took us 2 years (seriously!) to make sure the design was exactly what it needed to be. As you can imagine, we’re eager to finally be able to share the Arlene Chair with the public!

As a modern take on a classic design, this piece will undoubtedly be a successful option for lounge furniture in libraries, universities, and airports because of its sleek design, solid structure, and diverse functionality.

People who use your space have an incredibly wide variety of needs, and somehow you’re expected to meet them all. In the 30+ years we’ve been designing furniture for public spaces, we’ve learned quite a few things to help meet the specific functional, visual, and technological needs in your space. This experience directed the design of the Arlene Chair. 

If you’d be interested in seeing all the details on the Arlene Chair, you can click here. But here’s an overview of what makes this piece unique:

Easy Repairs


Accidents happen with furniture in high-traffic areas. It’s just a reality. (And trust us, we’ve seen it all.) However, since this chair is modular, it can be easily deconstructed. Here’s an example of what that means: if an arm gets damaged, you don’t have to worry. You’d only need to replace the arm rather than the entire chair. Simple.

Sense of Haven


One of the first people to sit in the Arlene Chair after we released it said, “Wow, it kind of feels like the chair is hugging me.” That sense of security was intentional.

People naturally desire to feel secure when they’re in a public area. You’ve probably seen it: Seats will stay empty and space will be wasted because people want to keep their “personal bubble.” Because this is a high back lounge chair, with a sense of enclosure due to the arm shape and the ability to swivel, patrons are provided with that sense of haven they desire.

Smooth Range of Motion


In order to provide a high sense of comfort and mobility, we made sure that the Arlene Chair can effectively swivel and tilt to support any task, any way.

Simple Cleanout


There’s not many things worse than trying to clean crumbs and dirt out of the crevice of a lounge chair. (Or you could just let it build up, but gross.) That’s why we designed this modern wingback chair with a small passthrough so dirt, debris, and crumbs don’t get caught in the chair, but can simply be vacuumed up off the floor with the rest of your facility.

Intentional Design

By carefully designing this chair to promote lounge-style work patterns, we ensure that the Arlene Chair can effectively support shorter tasks like checking email or longer activities like reading.

On top of that, it’s durable. What does that mean for you? It means the chair will support daily use. It means you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. And it means you can be proud of the furniture you have in your space.

Again, our team really is so excited to be launching the Arlene Chair. There is perhaps no better example of our commitment to combine unique functionality, aesthetic, and durability in one piece of furniture for public spaces. Click below to check out the full details: