Short Term Flexibility
Flexible Furniture Layout

Defining what type of flexibility you want to have is the first step, short term or long. Once you understand these differences the next step is finding the right product that will help you achieve your needs. Below are different product to meet long term and short term flexibility. If you want more help selecting the right product for you, message an expert and one of our Solution Design Experts will happily do a free design review.

Short Term Flexibility

FrameWork is a great short term flexible option for dividing up spaces and giving groups of people privacy. The circular and straight panels can come with caster or glides and have a magnetic whiteboard surface. The lower acoustical panel can add a pop of color and helps manage sound in the space.
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Mobile whiteboard partitions curved

Short Term and Long Term Flexibility

The Adapt workstation collection is a solution for both short term and long term flexibility. It can be setup as a free standing workstation with wheels on the back legs, allowing mobility with ease. Adapt can also be arranged in a more traditional benching system that can easily be broken apart and rearranged to make different configurations.
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Adapt Flexible Furniture

Long Term Flexibility

The POD collection it one of our most popular products and is an excellent long term flexible option. By having the panels, seat, and plug and play power all integrated into the product allows it be rearranged by staff member with ease. So as your environment evolves over time these solution continue to make people comfortable while the product can be moved throughout the space to adapt to changes.
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Three types of pods

Long Term Flexibility + Tech

The Elements Media is an awesome long term flexible solution. It can be easily dropped into a space to create a free standing meeting room. All the tech is contained in the table so you just need to unplug the unit and a couple of staff members can wheel the whole “meeting room” around your space. This allows the media station to be relocated however the space may evolve over time.
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Short Term + Long Term Flexibility + Privacy

The Hampton Collection is a short or long term flexible option for any space. The banquettes can come with legs (long term) or casters (short term) making it a versatile freestanding flexible solution. Panels can be added to the back to create privacy while people work. Both the straight and curve Hampton option are exceptional solutions for any environment.
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Collaborative furniture for groups using technology

Short Term Flexibility

The Gee Collection is extremely versatile; the chair can come with legs or on casters providing the flexibility to be rearranged by staff or patrons. The Gee Collection can also come with privacy panels. Whatever the space calls for, you can arrange the Gee to make it your own.
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Short Term FlexibIlITy

Like our Orb Collection, free standing lounge seating is another way to add flexibility to a space. Furniture does not always need to be on casters or wheels to be flexible. While untethered to anything, patrons can move free standing lounge chairs to adapt to the needs of the space and provide an added layer of comfort.
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It can be be very overwhelming starting a new project and trying to figure out what you need and even where to start. Check out our resources on flexibility on Agati’s blog page. Also rest a sure the Agati team is here to help. You can message an expert to connect with one of our Solution Design experts for a free design consultation. They are here to support you and your project needs.