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"The Zach S. Henderson Library at Georgia Southern University was renovated and expanded between 2004 and 2008. AGATI was the primary furniture vendor for the project. Our initial purchase included 1,306 chairs and sofas and 299 tables and carrels.

"AGATI's installation process is one of the best I have seen in more than 30 years as a librarian involved with library construction, furnishings and equipment."

An AGATI employee is sent from Chicago to supervise each installation. That employee works with the customer to coordinate delivery, determine appropriate location of each piece, insure that all packing is removed, and leave the library neat and welcoming. Each employee is well trained in customer service.

Fabrics are wear and tear resistant. After five years of full-time use, we have one sofa needing minor repair. Evidence suggests the problem was caused by vandalism – not wear. There have been few problems with construction, and they have been addressed as soon as possible. When problems have occurred, AGATI has sent expert repair personnel to supervise or perform repairs. They have also provided extra parts in case of future problems. They absolutely stand behind their products.

AGATI personnel live up the high standards of the company. As the person responsible for the building, I have worked closely with them since the first delivery was planned. I have had direct access to anyone in the company who can answer my questions or assist in resolving any problems that occur with a product. Not only do they respond in a timely manner, they also listen. That is outstanding quality standards they – and their customers – expect of their products.

One example of how pleased we have been with AGATI products is that we ordered twelve group study tables and forty-eight chairs this past summer. They arrived in excellent condition have been very popular with our students."

Ann Hamilton

Associate Dean of the Library and Associate University Librarian

Zach S. Henderson Library
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA

 • • • • •

"Seldom, if ever, have I written a letter to a company to praise them....
With this writing, however, I do want to compliment you and your entire organization on superb customer service and a terrific product line."

"From the beginning Brent Mintz did an exceptional job with facilitating the entire process from space utilization to coordinating our needs with the AGATI design team. The colors, textures, style and craftsmanship of your furniture is incredible. To top off our interaction with your company came the installation of the furniture. The installation team and process was exceptional and ahead of schedule. What more can be said!

From the moment we opened our study space, students have flocked to the area. We are seeing 95-100% occupancy and I believe a big reason is the comfort and exceptional quality of AGATI Furniture. After the first week students were leaving great compliments for us to read on the various whiteboards....From an administrators view I must say the furniture has given everyone a new vision of what to expect in a library."

David Evans

Assistant Vice President for Library Service
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, GA

• • • • •

"I wanted to utilize some of the innovative methods of wire management that Agati developed for their furniture in the design of new computer carrels at Wayzata Library. I was impressed when Joe Agati flew to Minneapolis to attend a meeting with my client, Hennepin County Library, to discuss those possibilities with the end users. Joe is dedicated to his work and knows the details of his business. With regard to his staff, they are a capable and professional group."

"In this business there are always things that need attention; when the need arises the people at Agati do not ask questions, they take care of you."

Dennis E. McGrath
Former Senior Associate, Collins Hansen Architects
Currently of Target Corporation, Architecture Department
Hennepin County Library, Wayzata Branch
Minneapolis, MN

• • • • •

"I enjoyed working with the Agati team. They are helpful in the field, they follow through on what they say they are going to do, and their products look great. I started working with Agati toward the end of their installation, and Agati's installers were extremely helpful and communicated very well with the project team throughout the punchlist process."

Tricia Heine

Project Engineer
Gilbane Building Company
San Jose Joint Library,
Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

San Jose, CA

• • • • •

"Agati was chosen for their excellent design and exceptional quality of workmanship. More importantly, Agati's responsiveness and customer service were what sealed the deal."

"Our project installation was entirely painless. Our order came in on time, with an installation team ready and waiting. I have rarely experienced such flawless installation service, even after 30 years of purchasing experience. We ended up with exceptional service, incredible product and hopes of working with Agati on future projects."

Susan Asato
Director of Purchasing
Mira Costa College, Library and Technology Lab
Oceanside, CA

• • • • •

"Agati is great! The team worked from design through installation to provide a high quality product to meet our specific needs. Everyone loves the beauty and function of the furniture."

Sue Stroyan
University Librarian
Illinois Wesleyan University,
The Ames Library

Bloomington, IL

• • • • •

"The Agati supervisor on the job, and the crews he supervised and coordinated, did an excellent job in delivering and installing our new library furniture. They approached the project in a truly professional manner and were extremely attentive to the many details that such an undertaking requires. I was most impressed with the Agati supervisor’s willingness to discuss any questions with myself and our project manager. I have nothing but high praise for their work and responsiveness to our concerns."

Carlos Melian
Associate University Librarian for Systems, Technical and Access Services
Northeastern Illinois University, Ronald Williams Library
Chicago, IL

• • • • •

"I have worked with Joe Agati for 15 years. I am always impressed by his innovative designs, his dedication to quality and affordability, his problem solving skills, and his ability to deliver and install products on time. He has assembled a team of dedicated and talented professionals who add to my confidence in the company, whether I am placing a large or small order. Agati makes the process a seamless experience."

Lonn Frye
Frye, Gillan, Molinaro Architects
Chicago, IL

• • • • •

"The quality, workmanship, and style of our Agati furniture is outstanding. We enjoyed working with the Agati team, and our students are very comfortable in, and happy with their library."

Tina C. Fu, Ph.D.
Director of Library Services
Eastern Connecticut State University, J. Eugene Smith Library
Willimantic, CT

• • • • •

"Agati designed and installed our furniture in 1994 and it still looks great. We love our library, and the Charles Collection completes the architectural aesthetic. Agati also helped us by developing private Internet access stations for our clients. This was completed without any disruption to our end users or service."

Neal Ney
Evanston Public Library
Evanston, IL

• • • • •

"The Agati tables and chairs in our new library attracted positive comments from the day of our grand opening. The furniture gives our new resource center the timeless, classic feel we wanted, yet the furniture is functional and durable."

Annie Busch
Executive Director
Springfield-Greene County Library District
Springfield, MO

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