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Public Spaces Need Furniture that Solves Problems

Our design methodology is driven by the study of human behavior in different environments.



Adaptable & Versatile

Our extensive catalog offers options for a variety of spaces and budgets. We build everything to order and can make modifications to ensure every piece fits like a glove to your specifications.

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Thousands of people use our tables and chairs daily. Bags get thrown on them. People kick up their feet on them. Through it all, Agati furniture endures.

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How furniture looks speaks volumes about a space. From classic to contemporary, we blend aesthetics and functionality in designing every piece.

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Public Library Furniture

From checking out books to checking their email, patrons use public libraries for a variety of reasons. And because the library must be a versatile resource hub, public library furniture needs to facilitate those demands. We understand this because we started out making public library furniture decades ago. Yet, even with 30+ years of experience, we still learn with each project the best ways to design durable furniture that makes learning easy for all.

As most public libraries cannot renovate as often as they would like, their furniture must withstand years of use from patrons who might treat seating less carefully than the armchair in their home. We design public library furniture with this in mind, focusing on durable furniture solutions, meant to be anything but temporary.

Your neighbor recording a song for a loved one, a group of elementary school students attending after-school tutoring, the young woman who wants to knit with her grandmother – libraries welcome all who enter, and we design library furniture that lets each person accomplish what they need in your space.

Library Furniture Solutions

Airport Furniture

Passengers are tired, hungry and need to charge their phones. We’ve all been there: Our flight is delayed, the line at the café is long, and our phones are at 4% battery. All we want is a place to recharge, literally and figuratively.

Ideally, that seat would be comfortable, provide a little personal space and have an outlet within reach. We provide all of this and more in our airport furniture offerings. And make no mistake: Our seating at Gate B3 is just as comfortable as the seats in the fancy lounge, and it will withstand any “abuse” that comes with the territory. We engineer our airport lounge seats specifically to stand up to 24/7 use, holiday rush and all.

We also recognize that power is a requirement in airport furniture. We design our airport furniture with this in mind, providing power options in nearly all of the pieces recommended for airport spaces. Charging tables, lounge seats with power options, even café tables with power outlets are available to help air travelers recharge.

AIRPORT Furniture Solutions


Higher Education Furniture

Students crave comfort. Colleges crave longevity. We offer both. Our designers have considered everything that contemporary university students need in their day-to-day lives: a quiet spot to take a quick break between classes, somewhere to hunker down with a study group for hours.

Does your university have potential study space but battles foot traffic or unavoidable conversations? We have a solution: enclosed quiet study havens for students that minimize the noise of the ever-busy college library. Do your students need more tables and chairs for their weekly study group? We’ve got you covered. Our seating options are thoughtfully designed to foster collaboration.

And to keep college students’ belongings safe (and your library clean), many of our higher education furniture designs feature enough space for laptops, papers, books, and somewhere to stash a bag. Our higher education furniture lets students focus on completing their projects instead of obsessing over a chair that doesn’t raise high enough or a table that wobbles each time they make a keystroke.

HIGHER EDUCATION Furniture Solutions    

Our Public Space Furniture

AGATI Furniture products provides furniture solutions for spaces from universities and public libraries to airports and community centers.


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