What Children’s Library Furniture Should You Buy?

Here at Agati, we often talk about leveraging human behavior and work patterns in the furniture we provide in our space. Well, the same is true when it comes to library furniture for kids. The goal in furnishing this part of your library is to support actual patterns of use and address actual needs that children have when utilizing your furniture.

Especially for public libraries, the reality is that kids are probably your most important patron in engaging families. As such, our kids deserve the best.

Far too often we see libraries who are intentional about the furniture they put throughout their whole space, except when it comes to their children’s area. Whether they simply put adult furniture in kids’ spaces or buy lower quality furniture for those areas, the reality is that the quality of our children’s library furniture matters a lot.

So what’s important when buying furniture for kids? The furniture should be inviting and fun, the chairs shouldn’t break after a year of use, and there should be right-sized table space for crafts and reading.

Kids’ Furniture Built to Last

In most public libraries, quality kids’ spaces are a must. But let’s be honest, children are tough on furniture. Chairs get knocked over. Tables get colored on with crayons. Kids stand on things they shouldn’t stand on. And the list goes on…

This is why we design children’s library furniture with the same amount of intention and future-thinking that we do with our adult furniture. We want to ensure that your investment in quality furniture conveys your commitment to invest into the next generation within your community.

From our Etta Children’s Chair to our Antrim Children’s Table, our kids’ library furniture is both sturdy and modern, and is completely customizable to fit your space and your specific needs.


Furniture That Supports Fun and Creativity

Embodied most clearly in our Altra Forma Collection, it’s important for our children’s spaces to be a canvas for fun and creativity.

When we offer fun furniture options like this, we further our mission in our community by making reading and learning exciting, developing a foundation that can be built upon throughout the rest of their life.

Covered in bright hues, Altra Forma stimulates imagination and expression. Whether it’s to add playful activities or to create a cozy atmosphere for lounging and learning, these play shapes cause environments to take on a whole new dimension.

Right-Sized Children’s Library Furniture

When kids are using the spaces designed for them, it’s important that they feel like it’s “their” area. Even when they’re young, we want to communicate through the design of the space that they’re valued.

By providing furniture that’s right-sized to fit their needs, we communicate exactly that. The height of the chairs, the style of the play areas, and the surface area of the tables available all work together to share with the children (and, in turn, the parents) who utilize our facility that we care and are prepared.