Public Library Shelving
Designed Specifically for Public Spaces

Here at Agati, we focus solely on designing furniture for heavy-use public spaces. It’s what we’re passionate about! So when it comes to both durability and function, the needs in public spaces are top-of-mind.

Durability. From both a cost perspective and length of use, durability is the priority for library shelving. Public libraries rarely get capital budgets to acquire new furniture so they need their furniture to last and look good for well over a decade. Long-term durability is crucial to a cost-effective and worthwhile shelving purchase for your space.

Function. Designing for public spaces doesn’t stop at durability, though. We also spend a considerable amount of time researching human behavior and the actual needs your patrons are experiencing every day in your facility. From there, we work to create solutions that address those needs. So when it comes to shelving, our product options are diverse, intentional, and completely customizable:

Library Shelving for Public Spaces and Libraries
Library Shelving
Completely Customizable Library Shelving

Every library is different. Your community, the style and layout of your space, and your specific purpose and mission all set you apart from every other library. Those are the things we have to take into consideration as we’re planning to furnish (or refurnish) your space.

Because we’re a just-in-time manufacturer, rather than taking one standard piece and trying to make it fit anywhere and everywhere, we are able to offer a wide variety of modifications off of our standard designs.

Whether you’re looking to change the height of a shelving unit, adjust the configuration of the shelves, or switch the color, wood, or style, we are here to make it happen. We want you to be proud of the furniture you have in your space and have the confidence that every piece of furniture serves a specific purpose to help you serve your community well.

Modern Bookcases for Libraries

It’s no secret that library bookcases are an integral feature of a strong foundation of furniture in your space. In order to connect your community to high quality literature, you need to have high quality bookcases to store all of it on.

Here at Agati, we know an intentional aesthetic is crucial to creating a welcoming environment for your patrons. Whether you’re looking to go for a modern or traditional feel, we do it all. By utilizing the highest quality materials, emphasizing natural wood grains, and finding inspiration from the Modernist movement, we’re able to create a product you’ll undoubtedly be proud to feature in your facility.

Custom shelving around room
Library Shelving and Displays
A Team to Support You

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll never leave you on your own to design your space. Our team of designers and engineers are always committed to identifying the most creative, cost-effective, and mission-minded furniture solutions for public spaces. It’s what we do.

We view the purchasing process as a partnership and are passionate about creating beautiful and effective spaces. So whether you’re just looking to reach out and see what library shelving options are available or if you’d like to get a quote, we’d love to meet you and talk about your space!