Library Furniture

Versatile Library Furniture That Withstands Heavy Use

Every person who walks through the doors of a public library comes searching for something.

A book or DVD. A spot to study together. A place to get online. From checking out items to checking email, your public library must meet the needs of many patrons at once. And your library furniture needs to facilitate those diverse interactions. It’s an investment on your part that also needs to last. Library furniture must withstand years of use from patrons who are typically focused more on their own needs than on preserving your furniture.

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Making personal space possible with solo seating built to last

Accommodating groups while they eat, wait, work, or play

Bringing projects to life with furniture that encourages teamwork

Powering study sessions or long waits with integrated tech

Creating diverse possibilities through multi-purpose furniture

Rearranging spaces in minutes with furniture designed to move

Limiting distractions through workstations that encourage focus