FrameWork – Movable Walls

Every project requires a different environment. Meeting with a client, training a team, writing for important projects, and collaborating on a solution are all work patterns that likely occur at the same time in a single space. However, many offices or public facilities simply don’t have enough physical space to effectively support each of these work patterns, while others haven’t developed dedicated spaces to intentionally address such a diverse set of needs.

With FrameWork, you can create a variety of group or individual spaces in minutes using any unique combination of both straight and curved panels. Since each customizable panel comes on casters (or glides), they can be easily moved to repurpose any existing space to support learning, meeting, thinking, teaching, and collaborating.

FrameWork is not just a portable whiteboard; it’s a meeting room on wheels. Including a magnetic whiteboard with a sound-reducing core, a lower-level acoustical panel to limit sound transfer, and a reveal window to leverage natural human behavior, people are able to utilize a mobile space designed specifically for them.

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