FrameWork: A Whiteboard Partition Wall on Wheels (Curved & Straight)

Mobile whiteboard partitions by AGATI are extremely sturdy rolling whiteboards that serve a dual-function as a partition (a.k.a. moveable) wall. Compared to general portable partitions, these have the durability of walls. When designers see and touch our Framework whiteboard partition, they comment on the remarkable sturdiness, ease of gliding, and beautiful finish.

Serving two functions, the top half of the Framework comprises a highly durable whiteboard (a.k.a. dry erase) offered in straight or curved options. The bottom half comprises an acoustical panel to reduce noise transfer, and it comes in an array of color choices.

The founder of Agati, Joe Sr., developed this product after seeing how students in libraries and schools would often assemble study nooks for themselves using flimsy rolling whiteboards. He thought, what if we developed a product from the ground up that was meant to do this… meant to serve this dual-purpose of a unique, quality whiteboard and an extremely sturdy mobile wall on wheels.

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