We often see libraries face a consistent problem: They simply don’t have enough private study rooms or meeting space for their students and patrons. 

And the issue makes sense. Many libraries can’t devote much space to private rooms because they have to address such a diverse set of needs. Group work. Individual study. Children’s space. Physical space for books. Meeting space. Areas for teens. Resources for seniors. Computer stations. Classrooms. And the list goes on.

In some academic libraries, the issue gets even more complicated. Many of these libraries were built years ago, and the growth of the university has outpaced the expansion of the library, and resources like study rooms never go unoccupied.

And if you take into account the global health crisis, space issues in libraries get even more complex. Now, we have to make our limited space stretch even further, be intentional about adjusting the flow of our facility, and figure out creative ways to promote social distancing among patrons.

This is where FrameWork, our newest addition to the Agati lineup, comes in with a simple and innovative approach to solving space issues.

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