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Study Carrels: Furniture for every space

Whether you need to take a phone call in your corporate office or are looking for a place students can study quietly in the library, study carrels are the furniture item perfect for all spaces. Limited budgets can mean limited break-out areas for folks looking for a spot to read over a contract or hold a private conversation with a colleague.

Luckily, study carrels create these spaces without the extra cost involved with building separate rooms. Our study carrels are furniture pieces designed to keep students comfortable while they study for exams, maintain durability through the next office move (or three), and look great by the time you’re ready for your next round of university furniture refresh.

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Two person modern study carrel with integrated seating and access to power in public library
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“Over the past two years, I’ve purchased 16 Agati POD study carrels for the MiraCosta College Library. Students love the acoustical engineering, which allows them to focus on their work but still allows them to peripherally view their surroundings. The well-designed table top allows them to charge their devices and gives them space to spread out textbooks and laptops.

A small shelf to the left of the desk secures their backpacks and the seat is comfortable but gives firm support. We occasionally see two students using a POD study carrel, which we affectionately refer to as “two peas in a POD.”

Agati study carrels are perfect for libraries with their unique design and durable materials that work well with our existing furniture, but will still coordinate with newer pieces we hope to incorporate years down the road. Students who are surveyed always mention how much they love the POD study carrels and how it demonstrates that their college cares about providing them with quality study furniture that meets their needs as 21st century learners.”

How are our modern study carrels evolving with our work habits?

Trick question: modern work habits aren’t evolving, but how we design study carrels as furniture to support our work habits is. As humans, our need to feel secure is natural – Unfortunately, study carrels for students (meant to enhance focus and provide quiet study space) haven’t gotten the memo, until now.

Agati study carrels for students elevate furniture design to truly provide privacy and increase focus potential by turning the carrel 90 degrees and placing the seat inside the three walls. By doing this, study carrels become less intimidating and more inviting for university students looking for space in the library to complete their assignments. Higher productivity, comfortable seats, and feels like as secure as a study room but costs much less? Count us in.

Four carrels that fit the bill:

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