Roland Nook

Discover Roland Nook: Effective private study carrels that create havens for university students and business travelers.  Whether you looking for private study solutions for your University Library or airport seating solutions for wary business travelers, the Roland Nook checks all the boxes.  Users enter Roland Nook study carrels at the side, a defining feature that sets these apart from the university furniture of your youth.

Its surrounding walls (sides, back, and front) give the Roland Nook study carrels’ users their own personal space to study, take a phone call in the office, or just generally find a quiet spot to unwind while preparing for your next presentation. This puts the university students’ worries at bay and gives them greater ability to focus within a larger higher education environment. Roland Nook does all of this without building rooms.

If you’re tight on budget but need a refresh for your university library, a reprieve from your open office plan, or a touchdown space for busy travelers passing through your airport terminal, Roland Nook study carrels are perfect alternatives to spending extra money on building another room. Your students, coworkers, or guests will thank you for the quiet space, and your budget will stay intact and ready your next big furniture purchase.

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