POD Quick Ship

The Original POD has been one of AGATI’s most successful products for 7 years and continues to grow in popularity. Due to the high request rate, we decided to offer the POD Quick Ship, to deliver the same great POD to customers faster.

The POD Quick Ship will ship in 4-6 weeks compared to our typical 10-12 weeks. POD Quick Ship is identical to the Original POD in every way, but uses our carefully selected and stocked materials. This makes it a great purchase for end-of-year budgets, or for any other reason that you need furniture quickly.

POD Quick Ship is specifically designed for Public and University Libraries, Airports, Offices and Public Spaces looking for:

  • Curved study pods with the same tested durability and quality of the Original AGATI POD
  • Pre-selected and approved materials
  • Quick delivery