Group Collaboration using technology
Group Collaboration without technology furniture
Coworking Furniture

Knowing the difference between different collaboration patterns is the first step to creating a balanced and effective space. The next step is finding the right product to facilitate those patterns. If you want more help selecting the right product for you, please click MESSAGE AN EXPERT and one of our Solution Design Experts would be happy to do a free design review.

Mobile whiteboard partitions curved

GROUP + Low-Tech Collaboration

FrameWork is a great low-tech add-on to any space for people working together. The whiteboard option and built-in acoustical panel create privacy for a group of people. They are also highly mobile, so groups can create the space they need to feel comfortable and focused.
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Manifest zigzag Computer Lab Table with dividers


Manifest Zig Zag is used regularly for individual work. However, it is also a group option for two or three people to work socially. With the worksurface between two people extending into space, it creates a collaboration zone for two people.
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café height charging table in plastic laminate


Power Bar is a high table option for groups of people to work. The table can span up to 10 feet wide without a center leg, allowing up to 8 people to work together socially at one time. Also, the added height gives people the ability to tap into the biophilic need to have prospect over their environment. This gives users a feeling of comfort without the addition of walls around them.
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The Elements Media Station is a versatile option to create a space where people can collaborate with the aid of a technology component. The table can come with integrated power in simple or multiple monitor hookups allowing either one or multiple people to share their laptops. Pairing the Elements Media Station with the Hampton Banquette is an effective pop-up meeting space without the need to build walls.
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Collaborative furniture for groups using technology

COWORKING + privacy

The Hampton Collection creates free-standing rooms for people to work together socially and have privacy. The ergonomic seating and privacy panels give people feelings of refuge and comfort, allowing them to focus and work together effectively.
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Study Carrel for two people

COWorking + Privacy

POD Duo is part of our extremely popular POD collection. The two-seat version creates a freestanding space for two people to get together socially or work together to solve a problem. The surrounds provide refuge and comfort for people to work in, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. The power hookup makes it very easy for people to have all their devices charged while they work.
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Collaboration Tables showing four different examples


Tables are the tried-and-true option for social working. When laying out a space to provide options for different work patterns, including some tables for 2 to 6 people brings balance to a space. All of Agati’s tables can be connected for power access, allowing people to charge their devices.
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Collaborative Seating


Free-standing lounge seating is a great way for people to gather socially and hang out together. Providing clusters of 2 and 4 seating combinations gives space variety and balance.
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It can be overwhelming to start a new project and figure out what you need, or even where to start. Check out our resources. Learn more about collaboration in our blog. Also, rest assured, the Agati team is here to help. You can message an expert to connect with one of our Solution Design experts for a free design consultation. We are here to support you and your project needs.