Manifest – Zigzag

Rows and rows of desks with computers and no one is using them. Why does this happen? Why would we rather go without a computer than sit next to the perfectly harmless stranger working on their resume or math homework? With traditional desking systems, our personal bubbles are invaded and generally, we feel uncomfortable sitting next to a stranger without a barrier to protect ourselves and our personal belongings.

What’s the solution? We’ve got you covered.

The Manifest Desking System is AGATI’s newest and most contemporary desking system built upon the idea of affordable collaboration and configurability. Not only does the extension of the desk into the space between us and our neighbors make Manifest a great desking choice for individual work, but it is a collaborative library furniture solution unlike any other. The extension also serves as the perfect amount of space to collaborate with a friend sitting next to you on your project, discuss your next task, or show them a funny meme.

The Manifest Desking system was designed in response to a need for a more collaborative work solution that could also serve as a way to minimize lost seats in university libraries. Manifest is also lighter in scale and design making it easy to configure to groups of all sizes and work needs. Collaborative library furniture today has to function in a number of ways for a variety of uses, as no two students tend to work the same way.

Higher education library furniture has to be durable, with a timeless design, and suit the needs of all students whether they prefer to work solo or need a collaborative desking solution.

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