ACRL Presents AGATI + Tappé Architects Webinar

The dynamic duo of Joe Agati and Jeff Hoover of Tappé Architects from Boston, MA is back on May 2nd, 2PM EST. What will they be chatting about in their ACRL webinar?

Creating contemporary academic library spaces that work with natural instincts and human behavior can sound intimidating. What are natural human behaviors? What do students seek out in spaces, and what makes them appealing to our senses? And how can we design our academic library spaces with these things in mind? Joe Agati Jr., Director of Design at AGATI Furniture, and Jeff Hoover, Principal at Tappé Architects in Boston, MA, in cooperation with ACRL, present Designing Academic Libraries for Modern Human Behavior.

This webinar will provide a basic understanding of the natural human behaviors and instincts that drive our everyday lives, such as the desire to be in a secure environment and the need to have vision of your surroundings. Within this framework of understood natural human behaviors, Jeff and Joe will help you learn how you can design your academic library space to promote comfort and security within the details – everything from the pitch of the seat and the ability to maintain your personal bubble, to the sightlines promoted in the architecture of the building and the access to natural light and power resources matters in promoting comfort for our human instincts that trigger our internal fight or flight.

Furniture and architecture that work well together in academic library spaces have proven time and time again to put our instinctual fears at ease and allow us to spend those hours tucked away in the comfy chair reading a novel or at a computer completing a task. Now, it’s time to understand why this happens and how to better design our academic libraries with these things in mind.

We can’t wait to see you there on May 2nd! Register and learn more by clicking the link below:

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