Joe Agati Sr. on Developing Innovative Public Space Furniture | Episode 20

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Welcome back to the Agati Video Podcast, a space where Joe Agati, COO & Director of Design here at Agati Furniture, hosts conversations with designers, architects, and difference-makers to bring inspiration and education to your work.

For today’s episode of the podcast, I have the opportunity to talk with the man himself: my dad, founder of Agati Furniture, Joe Agati Sr. I’ve had the opportunity to host many conversations here on the podcast, and I’m especially excited to share some behind-the-scenes and stories from his decades of experience here at Agati.

In our conversation, we explore how Joe moved from creating sculptures and fantasy furniture pieces to developing public space furniture, how human behavior influences furniture design, some interesting behind-the-scenes on the development of our Hampton and POD collections, and much more.

This was a fun episode. Check it out:






  • “As we grew, we developed more for public libraries and public spaces overall, which blossomed into learning experiences for how we operate today.”
  • “Our job is to research human behavior… We need to know how people work and move in spaces.”
  • “When you study biophilia, you recognize it’s a natural human instinct to want your back to be covered.”
  • “Well-designed spaces can reduce tension and reduce stress.”
  • “Every single one of the booths were filled with people. That’s when it clicked.”
  • “One of the most interesting parts of the development of the POD was figuring out the wiring.”

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