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We’ve done quite a few furniture webinars the past couple of years, and even secured a spot on a TV show – Cool, right? Enjoy a different way to get your information about library furniture, furniture design, or other industry topics. Check out the links below to view our past webcasts and presentations with our industry partners:

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TV Segments

Agati Office Spaces TV Spot 2017Joe Agati is an award winning design bringing quality, style and function to your office spaces. Want the flexibility of three in one design? Konica has the solution for you with it’s new multi-function printers for all your wireless printing, copy, scan and email needs. Say goodbye to sweeping it under the rug with “Shore Rugs” ergonomic rugs perfect for indoor and outdoor. Plus chew-able ice; sounds divine? Hey ice lovers! now you can indulge in your ice addiction with healthy ice nuggets from Follet.

(Presented with Office Spaces TV, 2017)


Agati Library Furniture Webinar Header - October 2017

Libraries are a central hub to our communities. Each has a history and a story to share. What is your community’s unique story? How can you discover your story and how can the design of your library celebrate it? Today, richärd+bauer’s Lee Swanson, AIA, LEED AP, and Agati Furniture’s Joe Agati, Director, present “How Design Can Tell Your Unique Story.”

Through a series of case studies, Lee and Joe will demonstrate why your story is important and how library design can engage your professional colleagues, peers and the community, helping foster a feeling of ownership and involvement from concept to successful completion of your facility.

(Presented with Library Journal, October 2017)

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Agati Airport Furniture Webinar Ad - September 2017

Most airport layouts were designed when passengers played cards while waiting for a flight because an onboard meal was an expectation and the very idea of a smartphone would have been laughable. What was once a mess of beam seating everywhere now has a multi-function use: part lounge, part café, part office and a wealth of amenities. New uses of spaces as well as new types of furniture are finding their way into the airport because today’s passenger is really focused on getting to point B rather than the journey itself. Airport design and furniture elements have a stronger impact on the passenger experience than one may realize. There’s the comfort. The durability. The usability. Matt Dubbe form Mead and Hunt and Joe Agati from Agati Furniture will tackle these questions and others in: “Airport Interiors are Experiencing Massive Change: What You Need to Know.”

(Presented with Airport Improvement Magazine, September 2017)

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Agati ACRL Library Furniture Webinar - May 2017

This webinar will provide a basic understanding of the natural human behaviors and instincts that drive our everyday lives, such as the desire to be in a secure environment and the need to have vision of your surroundings. Within this framework of understood natural human behaviors, Jeff and Joe will help you learn how you can design your library space to promote comfort and security within the details – Everything from the pitch of the seat and the ability to maintain your personal bubble, to the sightlines promoted in the architecture of the building and the access to natural light and power resources matters in promoting comfort for our human instincts that trigger our internal fight or flight.

Furniture and architecture that work well together in library spaces have proven time and time again to put our instinctual fears at ease and allow us to spend those hours tucked away in the comfy chair reading a novel or at a computer completing a task. Now, it’s time to understand why this happens and how to better design our libraries with these things in mind.

(Presented with ACRL, May 2017)

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Agati Library Furniture Webinar Header - October 2016

Creating contemporary library spaces that work with natural instincts and human behavior can sound intimidating. What are natural human behaviors? What do people seek out in spaces, and what makes them appealing to our senses? And how can we design our library spaces with these things in mind? Joe S. Agati, Director of Design at AGATI Furniture, and Jeff Hoover, Principal at Tappé Architects in Boston, MA, in cooperation with Library Journal, present Library Design for Modern Human Behavior.

(Presented with Library Journal, October 2016)

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Agati Library Furniture Webinar Header - April 2016

Modern libraries have evolved from private, members-only institutions to contemporary community centers where patrons from all walks of life gather together. Patrons engage with library materials not only on a leisurely reading level, but also to write their resume on a computer, borrow wi-fi hotspots, learn a new language, participate in a group handicrafts night, or build proficiency in a computer program they are required to learn for work. The question stands: How do we create spaces within our libraries to accommodate this variety of uses without having two or 3 library buildings or ten floors at the ready?

Maureen Arndt, Principal at 720Design, and Joe Agati of AGATI Furniture discuss how to create spaces that are versatile, adaptable, and timeless, suiting all activities and welcoming all uses of the library, from private individual study to large group programming. Maureen and Joe will illustrate the keys to creating a well-balanced space that feels inviting, promotes patron engagement, and lasts for years to come by seamlessly blending architecture and furniture in your library space.

(Presented with Library Journal, April 2016)

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Library Furniture Reports and White Papers

Choosing the right furniture for your library - book coverCrafting timeless library furniture for over 35 years has given us a sense for the elements that create productive and aesthetically beautiful work spaces. Libraries experience greater patron usage with furniture that is functional, more beautiful and, above all,  more enjoyable.

But what elements create the most effective library furniture?
Because the answer is not always obvious, we’ve compiled all dimensions of our experience building furniture for academic and public libraries into this book.
Download the Agati Furniture Guide

Total Cost of Ownership Furniture Report Cover Image

Are you certain you’re getting top value for money when you buy furniture for your organization? Do you know the key factors you should be looking at apart from the base price that influence long-term cost of ownership?This paper examines the case for using total cost of ownership as the method for deciding furniture purchases and reveals the factors every facility or asset manager must account for to accurately estimate the true lifetime cost of purchase. It outlines:

  • How long-term costs often transform inexpensive, bargain-priced office furniture into a costly white elephant.
  • Why total cost of ownership (TCO) is a better measure of value-for-money than simply using cost price.
  • The factors you must to examine to avoid

Plus, this paper includes a practical user guide for estimating TCO of different products. You can break apart quotes and look at one single matrix to help with your decision process.

Download the Total Cost of Ownership Report

Agati Library Furniture Anthropology Report Header with Title

You aren’t just making decisions about the chairs, tables, desks and shelves that will shape your space. You’re studying the motivations, the desires and the behaviors of the people who fill it. Consider yourself an anthropological researcher, and ask these four questions before you redesign your space.
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