Airport Living Room


We encountered this concept when meeting with Jeff Manzetti, Project Architect with Mead & Hunt, who, along with his team, designed this space for Dane County Regional Airport, and named it the Airport Living Room. They even have a sign above: “Living Room”! He explained it as a little space that feels more like a living room in your home than an airport hold room. There’s a window view connecting passengers to outside green space, tons of natural light and giant plants. He used our Gee Aviation modular seats for his layout because you can configure them in multiple ways, and also take them apart. Plus, Gee provides the screen option. Kierra Tatum, Interior Designer, did the finishes. We love her “green foil” upholstery because it embraces the plants and sky views, revving up those biophilic moments that we treasure in airports!

Airport Living Room Lounge
Airport Living Room

STUDYING Travelers’ Behaviors

William LeGore, Director of Facilities & Maintenance at Dane County Regional Airport pointed out how people like to scatter in the airport. Travelers want to get through security, and find a spot to plug in and charge. He pointed out that the “Living Room” is at the distant end of the terminal. I.e. there’s no gate next to the living room. People are searching out spots, not necessarily at their gate, but rather a little removed, to find place that offers the amenities they’re looking for.

We appreciate Dane County’s interest in providing valuable spaces for travelers. The Airport Living Room is a beautiful space fulfilling refuge needs through lounge seating with walls that protect travelers’ backs and demarcate the living room as a special, separate space to regroup and rest while waiting for their flight.

Balance between privacy and connection

Bar tables and stools provide an additional sight level to eat and work. This gives travelers yet another opportunity for a sense of privacy within the communal space. Plant life and natural light make it really appealing. Lots of decorative aspects, such as prairie style lighting support the heritage of the city and original airport, yet blend beautifully with our modern, minimal Gee.

As an origin and destination airport, Dane County gives passengers a memory of place, and sense of connection, while filling modern and technological needs. See more pics of Dane County Regional Airport here.

Airport Living Room Bar
Airport Living Room Orlando

airports providing home comforts while traveling

Similarly, Orlando International Airport recently created separate spaces using our Gee Lounge, Vista Benches and Power Bars. These can be seen as Airport Living Rooms, too, with the square carpet footprint set off from other hold room seating. Inviting furniture arrangements give that feeling of the living room at home, and are available to all passengers on their journey. The airport trend to provide travelers with a moment of refuge during hectic travel is best built with what we all want most -personal space with the comfort of lounge chairs and access to a powered table.