Arts and Crafts Style Lounge Chairs in Airport

Frye Lounge Chairs in Airports

Comforts of Hearth and Home in Airport Gates

Arts and Crafts style furniture celebrates traditional craftsmanship and pays homage to artisanal techniques of the past. Used here in Glacier Park International Airport, the warmth of the wood lounge chairs fosters a connection to nature, and an inviting ambiance for travelers. As airports strive to create memorable experiences for travelers, welcoming furniture that prioritizes comfort and sustainability, helps travelers build warm memories of airports. Arts and Crafts style lounge chairs bring a touch of nostalgia and local heritage to an airport terminal.

AGATI Frye Lounge Chairs are a statement piece in any public space, with durable, quality construction. Angled backrests, wide pan seats, and chunky armrests provide optimal comfort, allowing passengers to relax and unwind before their next flight.