5 Innovative Examples of Modern Airport Design

Airports are truly incredible spaces. Sure, the goal is to get people on and off flights, but the amount of needs an airport supports in addition to that is inspiring. Beyond security checks, boarding, and flight management, an airport functions for many as a remote office, lounge area, dining room, conference room, and so much more.

But it’s not without its challenges.

Stress is often high in airports. Travelers race to make flights. Parents struggle to keep their kids together. Announcements garner attention consistently. People constantly walk by. And that’s all before a stressor like a pandemic is added to the mix!

Here at Agati, we’ve been designing furniture specifically for public spaces for a long time (almost 40 years to be exact). Our team consistently sees some incredible examples of airports prioritizing contemporary design and traveler needs.

So we took some time to reminisce on a few projects we’ve worked on that are great examples of effective design. Whether you’re furnishing an airport, library, school, office, or any other public facility, we hope these projects help stir up ideas for solutions in your own space!

Here are 5 innovative examples of modern airport design:

Greater Rochester International Airport

Overview: Air travelers are tired, hungry… and they need to charge their phones. Today, power access is the backbone of a traveler’s experience in your space. If they can’t find a spot to plug in, frustration is always the result. We recently partnered with the Greater Rochester International Airport in Rochester, NY, an airport with over a million travelers per year, to increase convenient power access for their travelers.

Why it Works: Featuring the Agati Power Bar & the Sensi Stool, this is an effective, space-effective solution for airports. In addition to the clean and modern aesthetic, travelers can enjoy uninterrupted workspace as the power outlets are uniquely placed in the apron of the Power Bar. The back rest of the Sensi Stool also features a cut out back to improve the ease of sliding out. This will undoubtedly be a key centerpiece of Rochester’s available seating for years to come.

Power Bar shown features a laminate top. This product is also available in stone and with optional ADA extensions. Sensi stool shown features a laminate seat. Sensi is also available in a wood finish.

St Louis Lambert International Airport

Overview: St. Louis Lambert International Airport is one of the most historic airports in the United States, named after Albert Bond Lambert (1875 -1946), who learned to fly with the Wright Brothers and served in the U.S. Army in World War I, reaching the rank of Major. To effectively support the millions of passengers each year who go through this airport, we partnered with them to improve their primary lounge seating options.

Why it Works: The Gee Lounge Seating Series is our most popular solution for airports. In the first image, you see the Gee Pinwheel, designed so each traveler faces in a different direction, which works to cut distractions, increase the feeling of privacy, and save space. The second image features VIP Gee lounge seating provided in a general seating area at STL. By focusing on comfort and simple power access, guests have a clear spot to settle in until their next flight.

Omaha Eppley Airfield

Overview: The largest airport in Nebraska, Omaha Eppley Airfield (OMA) handles around 130 flights each day. We partnered with them to bring our most popular solution for public spaces, the POD, into their space to provide a unique and memorable seating solution for their travelers.

Why it Works: It’s no secret that airports are busy, so it’s important to provide privacy seating in both high-traffic and quiet areas. OMA strategically features POD Single and POD Duo options. The POD provides a strong visual aesthetic, but more importantly, it feels like a refuge to people during a hectic day of travel. A place to get some work done. To catch their breath. To make a phone call. All while utilizing integrated power access directly in the table top within the POD.

Eastern Iowa Airport

Overview: With over a million travelers each year, the Eastern Iowa Airport is a regional hub in Cedar Rapids, IA to major destinations across the country. We partnered with them to refurnish public lounge areas throughout their space with unique solutions to solve space problems.

Why it Works: Here at Agati, we believe the furniture you invest in should always solve problems in your space. Space issues should be turned into space solutions. The most unique aspect of this project is our use of curved Gee elements to create a column enclosure and maximize space for seating. This project also features custom, durable Gee Lounge Seating in high-traffic baggage and general seating areas. 

Boston Logan International Airport

Overview: Handling over 45 million passengers in 2019, the Boston Logan International Airport is the primary airport in Boston, MA. The airport first opened in 1923. Our team had the opportunity to partner with them to bring modern, comfortable seating into their boarding areas.

Why it Works: The future of aviation holding spaces will not be identical to their rich history. For decades, airports used beam seating and approached terminal furniture strictly through a utilitarian lens. Today’s travelers expect airports to offer a variety of seating and table options that are more comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, and always within easy access to power. At Boston Logan, we implemented our Gee Wall Seating to better define spaces and improve privacy. In addition, we added VIP Lounge comfort seating in general holding areas for comfort, simple power access, and easier cleaning.

Furniture truly is the backbone of a space. The cohesion of functionality and aesthetic will shape someone’s overall experience, even subconsciously. Does your furniture meet your patrons’ needs?

Interested in talking through furniture options for your space? Let’s connect!