All Aboard with Team AGATI

Every year around June, anyone who lives in Chicago has long forgotten winter and eagerly anticipates what many like to hashtag as the city’s banner season: #SummerinChicago. With Lake Michigan and the Chicago River prime for boating, this year the AGATI Team took an afternoon to relax and unwind away from ringing phones and endless emails on the waters of Lake Michigan.  

The Chicago office houses AGATI’s core departments, from sales support to engineering and installation. It is a small but powerhouse team, and an event like this not only fosters stronger relationships but also allows team members to bring back to the job a fresh outlook and rejuvenated spirits. In essence, the summer outing reflects company’s core values.

As anyone familiar with the AGATI brand knows, it is associated with words like “durable”, “experienced” and “trustworthy.” Solid words that inspire confidence and stand in contrast to Joe Agati’s quirky reputation and his team’s fun, can-do approach. The company has a deep history in furniture design while at the same time providing furniture that is adaptable, blending well into public use envrionments. The result is a winning combination of creatvity and knowledge, which is reflected in both the AGATI brand and team.

The AGATI Team is diverse in its talents, from engineers and designers to sales and marketing teams. They are unified by a single goal: to identify clients’ needs and provide the best solutions to meet those challenges. Notable is the longevity and breadth of knowledge that pervades the team. Over half the members have been with the company for more than a decade, establishing a trust not just amongst one another but with clients, field sales, and vendors.  

This year, as the team travelled on Lake Michigan and down the Chicago River, company awards were given out. Taking the edge off a hectic summer schedule, personal strengths and talents were recognized, such as the Ansel Adams award given to graphic designer, Judy, or the Guru award given to John, an engineer with years of design experience. At AGATI, fun is crucial to the team. It is a core value that is also reflected in its furniture, which is designed with an emphasis on lively and engaging experiences.

Back at the office, the team strives daily to realize the company’s core values. Teams interact cross functionally, sharing knowledge with each other and with clients, instilling confidence and building trust. Industry needs continue to evolve, and the team must adapt its solutions and its mindset. Perhaps it was no coincidence that Team AGATI chose its summer outing to be on a boat; an experience that can sometimes offer waves, but with a solid and knowledgeable crew, will ultimately result in an enjoyable ride.

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