How Adapt & FrameWork Are Solving Real Problems

There is a growing need for spaces to be flexible in meeting a wide variety of needs. To maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and maintain a superior user experience synchronously, facilities need adaptable furniture solutions that can serve multiple purposes—and transition seamlessly between each one.

Discover how our Adapt and FrameWork collections are empowering public spaces like the University of South Alabama to accommodate individual users, large groups, and everything in-between:

The Overarching Problem: Public Spaces Need to Be Multifunctional

Our design team is always working with our clients to observe human behavior in their spaces to identify primary opportunities, needs, and challenges. One thing we’ve found is that the need for public spaces to serve multiple purposes is higher than ever before.

That’s why our main priority when designing our Adapt and FrameWork collections was empowering spaces to transition between different roles with ease.

We have seen these product lines make a positive impact on a wide variety of public spaces over the years—and our installation at the University of South Alabama is a prime example of their great utility.

Student Success Center with flexible tables and partition walls at University of Alabama

Adapt and FrameWork at University of South Alabama

Student Success Center with flexible tables at University of Alabama

Adapt and FrameWork at University of South Alabama

This university wanted to transform their student success center into a more inviting, functional, and effective space for tutoring sessions. But they had one challenge—they needed to serve tutoring groups of many different sizes.

In just one space, they needed to accommodate:

  1. Large groups (5-20 students at a time)
  2. Small groups (2-4 students at a time)
  3. One-on-one tutoring 
  4. Virtual tutoring

With such a wide array of needs to fulfill, the University of South Alabama knew they needed to invest in flexible furniture solutions—products that would allow them to create collaborative, flexible spaces where students could be tutored on both a large and small scale, having the freedom to adjust as needed.

To solve this problem, they chose the Agati Adapt and FrameWork collections. 

How the Adapt Collection Allows Versatility

mobile wood library table workstation with red privacy panel

Our Adapt series is perfectly suited for spaces that need to regularly be reimagined and reformatted to serve multiple functions.

With its strategic mobility and robust durability, the furniture in our Adapt product line can accommodate groups of all sizes and activities of all kinds. And thanks to their modern aesthetic, these solutions contribute to a stunning, seamless look no matter where or how they’re arranged.

Our Adapt Mobile Work Stations are a quintessential solution for any space that needs to transform on a regular basis. The camouflaged wheels on the back two legs of these tables allow for flexible, on-the-fly reconfiguration of your space plan.

mobile wood library tables on wheels with trapezoid top

With our custom add-on options, you have even more power to personalize these Work Stations to your precise needs. With this product, you have the freedom to:

  • Choose from a wide variety of modern tabletop shapes and configurations
  • Add divider panels of varying materials to promote security and privacy
  • Equip your Work Stations with convenient power outlets

No matter how you choose to make Adapt your own, each piece in this series is strategically constructed to stand up to frequent use and movement. Transport these tables as needed—they’re built to handle high-use, high-traffic public spaces.

At the University of South Alabama’s tutoring center, the Adapt collection was utilized to allow one singular room to serve a diverse range of needs. Using our Adapt Mobile Work Stations, they were able to arrange tables in a lecture style for larger gatherings and then quickly switch to a 2-4 person setup for smaller tutoring sessions.

DISCOVER: Adapt Table Collection, Adapt Mobile Work Stations

Why FrameWork Excels in Flexibility

movable walls, dry erase board, casters

As we always say—Our furniture is designed in response to real problems public spaces are facing. When it comes to our FrameWork collection, this rule rings especially true. 

Joe Agati Sr. conceptualized FrameWork after observing how library users would create less-than-ideal study spaces by dragging flimsy whiteboards around. He saw that these whiteboards weren’t sturdy enough to stand up to this constant movement, nor were they big enough to provide a true sense of privacy.

Curved Mobile Partitions with acoustical panel

That’s when our FrameWork collection was born. Our sturdy rolling whiteboard partitions were designed to segment space effectively without causing any hassle.

FrameWork panels are supremely mobile—they’re constructed to glide smoothly wherever you need them to go. They also feature colored acoustic panels that reduce noise transfer, enhancing the privacy of the individuals or groups using them. Meeting, learning, thinking, teaching, and collaborating are all enhanced by FrameWork. 

Student Success Center with flexible furniture arrangements at University of Alabama

At the University of South Alabama, students and staff use a combination of our straight and curved FrameWork panels to easily convert their large open workspace into segmented areas ideal for small groups, individuals, and even virtual tutoring sessions.

When tutoring sessions aren’t happening, students can use the large public space to come in and work freely. But when they want to receive private support, study alone, or collaborate within small groups, they can create just the space they need by simply moving the convenient FrameWork panels.

DISCOVER: FrameWork Collection



Used in conjunction, our Adapt and FrameWork collections have given the University of South Alabama the freedom to be adaptable with their student success center. Now, the space can quickly transition from a small group setting to an area ideal for large groups—and revert right back again with haste.

The end result—the entirety of this space gets utilized to its full potential and every student can feel comfortable, focused, and productive as their study needs are met.

Check out the full installation at the University of South Alabama >>

Just as Adapt and FrameWork solved a real problem for this institution, our wide variety of practical and functional furniture solutions can enhance the ability of your public space to serve your patrons and achieve your intended outcomes.

If there’s a problem your space is facing, reach out! We’d love to help you identify solutions and choose forward-thinking furniture pieces that will set your space up to thrive as the demand for adaptable public spaces continues to grow.