Reminiscing on Design Days 2024: Agati Hosts Prototype Tours and Showroom Oyster Shucking

We had an incredible time last month shuckin’ n’ servin’ oysters and bubbles during Design Days here in Chicago.

In our showroom, guests enjoyed tours of our Design Lab, viewed prototypes of the new Cove Carrel and Orb Lounge Chair, and tasted freshly shucked oysters (and even had the chance to learn and shuck themselves!).

“It was nice to see your beautiful space and impressive Design Lab where everything comes to life. I could have eaten 2 dozen oysters, they were so great!” – Evangeline Miller, IIDA

“Not only does Agati always throw a great party, it was also educational. The Design Lab was a hit. This was a great opportunity for our clients to see where the magic happens, and I know they all enjoyed brainstorming and providing feedback on our new designs. It was great to see new faces from San Francisco Public Works along with the familiar faces from Columbus PL and 720 Design. It was fun to see Brooke and Mackenzie from HBM throw on the aprons and shuck oysters! Yet another educational experience.“ – Beret Ek, Director of A&D and Aviation Business

Take a look at some of the highlights from the event:

Prototype Lab Tours & Product Showcases

The Design Lab is where the magic happens; our team transforms ideas from the mental space into the physical to mock up public space prototypes.

It was such a fun experience to lead our guests through prototype tours in our Design Lab, led by our Product Development Team: Matt Payonk, Joe Agati, Sr., and Miles Allison.

Many of our guests shared how much they loved seeing inside the workshop, setting the Agati showroom tour apart from others they had visited during Design Days. Matt Payonk, our Product Development Manager, said:

“It was valuable to talk with guests about what they look for in furniture for the spaces they work in, and the scenarios they’re running into. It’s great to learn from the people that specify our product. I think it was beneficial for those who came to also see the upcoming Cove Carrel and revised Adapt. We got good feedback on both!”

We are always innovating, updating, and improving our product offerings. During the event, we were able to showcase new leg options for the Orb Lounge Chair, our brand-new Cove Carrel that is launching soon (an innovation on the traditional carrel), updates to the durability and aesthetic of our Adapt Collection, and our most popular collections like the POD, POD Duo, and Power Bar.

Wendy Tressler, with the Columbus Metropolitan Library, shared:

“These are things to keep an eye on. I loved the new modern take on the carrel and I kept gravitating to the Orb. I try to pay attention to what’s going on in airport furniture and design. If it can withstand airport usage, it has a good chance to withstand the use seen in public libraries. Inspiration can come from a variety of use cases.”

Oyster Shucking

 Without a doubt, the oyster shucking and tastings were a highlight of the event as well. Led by Joe Agati, Jr. and assisted by Cameron Crumley, our Quote Coordinator, and Tim Cole, our Accounting Manager, we’re still talking about this experience around the office!

Cameron Crumley shared, “The varieties of oysters and the chance to shuck a few definitely made this stand out from years past!”

Our friends at HBM Architects even did some guest shucking, with lessons led by Joe Agati, Jr. They caught on quick!

We came out of this event with fresh inspiration and insight as we had the opportunity to connect with those we support and work alongside. We’re so grateful to everyone who took the time to come by our showroom during Design Days!

“I enjoyed cutting loose and visiting in person with our suppliers from NY, NC, and MI, that I work with daily over the phone.” – Erik Haggenjos, Director of Operations

“It was great for us to finally see all the brand-new products we’ve released in the last year all in one place. And seeing people use and enjoy it was very satisfying!” – Katrina Monreal, Project Coordinator 

Most importantly, there are many exciting innovations ahead for our product lines here at Agati as we continue our work to create the highest-quality, most-durable products for high-traffic public spaces.

Stay tuned as we share more over the coming weeks!

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