Reimagining the Classic Club Chair: Discover the Vera Collection

The Vera Lounge is a fresh, contemporary interpretation of the classic club chair. Elegant angles open up to welcome guests. A continuous shoulderline envelopes guests. Opposing leg angles create dynamic lines and the appearance of a light base, while still providing maximum durability.

Every new furniture series we create goes through a long process of testing and brainstorming as we make sure it functions exactly as it needs to.

  • Does luggage fit next to the product well for aviation spaces?
  • Is it easy to plug electronics in and still use them?
  • Is there enough personal space?
  • Does it feel right when you sit for a long period of time?


Focusing on Versatility

Our hope during the development of the Vera collection was to create a solution that provides an eye-catching, contemporary look to elevate the aesthetic of any space. At the same time, the series needed to be functional and valuable to the flow of a space.

From the Vera Lounge to the Vera Modular, our focus on functionality led to the inclusion of a pass through for easy cleanability, wire management channels that could clearly attach to the frame of the seat for simple power access, optional connecting tables, and a variety of seating configurations.

Each component of the collection works intentionally to support spaces like airports, universities, and libraries. Features can also be combined in customizable ways that make the most sense in fulfilling the vision you have for your space.

Contemporary Solution for Your Space

The Vera Collection encompasses what’s happening now in today’s public seating. This cohesive modular lounge series offers everything your patrons need: Access to power to keep their phone charged, integrated tables to set their drink or bag on, comfort to promote security, and room for personal space with both single spaced and group seating. Using all of the latest design developments, Vera solves problems for institutions, such as long lasting durability, easy maintenance, and accessible cleanability.

And hey… your patrons will look pretty cool sitting in them, which is just an extra bonus! Check out Joe Agati showcasing the collection at NeoCon 2021:

Vera really does epitomize the “less is more” aesthetic. Reducing the need for multiple legs reduces visual and physical clutter in your space. This streamlined construction offers efficient design.

Interested in how the Vera collection could support your space? We’d love to start a conversation! >>