How to Build a Break-Out Room in 60 Seconds or Less

One of the most common struggles we see, in a variety of spaces, is the difficulty accommodating diverse work functions that change from day to day if not hour to hour. And today, many designers and managers are working hard to redefine their spaces to accommodate social distancing, while still trying to promote creativity and productivity. Creating a safe and functional environment during the pandemic is certainly the most pressing problem for all us. Fortunately the pandemic will pass someday (hopefully sooner vs later!!) and the space reconfiguration problems you had before will still be there. FrameWork is a solution that effectively solves both problems, allowing you to invest in a solution that delivers value today and for the long haul.


FrameWork was created for one purpose: To give you the freedom to configure your space in any way you need to. Combining the need for learning, collaborating, privacy, social distancing, and noise control, FrameWork is an effective way to expand the use of the space you already have.

FrameWork is an incredibly effective tool to have on hand as you’re reshaping your space in response to COVID-19. We’re all having to answer questions we’ve never had to answer before. So whether you’re using panels to separate workstations/areas or lining them up to direct foot traffic in a single direction, this product will give you the flexibility to adjust your space as you need to. And as your needs change, FrameWork panels can be adjusted and moved in no time at all.

With FrameWork, you can create a variety of spaces for individuals or smaller groups in minutes using both straight and curved panels. Since each panel comes on casters, they can be easily moved to repurpose any space for a variety of functions. And with lower-level acoustic panels on each piece, you’ll keep the noise levels of conversations, lectures, or meetings to a minimum.

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