5 Modern Libraries, Universities, & Airports That Will Inspire Ideas for Your Own Space

Here at Agati, our team has the opportunity to work on some incredible projects and develop some great spaces for public use. Since we’ve been designing furniture for public spaces for over 35 years, we’re passionate about the work we get to do. It honestly never gets old.

Recently, we shared a blog called 5 Inspirational Examples of Modern Library Design and it was received really well. A lot of our readers told us they wanted to see more inspirational resources like that to help them think through solutions for their own space.

So we wanted to share a similar article, but this time we’re adding in some universities and airports we’ve had the opportunity to work on to provide a more diverse perspective on creative furniture solutions our team has been part of developing.

So we talked as a team and pulled together a few more projects we’re really proud of and believe are great examples of effective, contemporary design. We hope these projects help stir up ideas for solutions in your own space!

Here are 5 libraries, universities, and airports to inspire ideas for your own space: 

Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus

Collaborative Furniture in a college library

Overview: This project, in partnership with Georgia Southern University, primarily focused on collaborative learning. They wanted to design this common area for students to support group projects, provide support for multimedia projects, and promote productivity for students using the space.

Why it Works: This is a project that we’re really proud of, for many reasons. First off, the diversity of furniture available to students is so unique. Utilizing the Hampton Banquettes, Elements Media Stations, students have a lot of options for solo work or collaborative work.

On a separate note, this project does a great job of creating a biophilic response by using wood tones, natural designs on the walls, natural light, and a warm color scheme. As humans, we have a natural response to nature and subconscious needs that, if left unmet, cause us to feel insecure or exposed. This space does a great job of addressing those needs.

University of North Carolina Greensborough



Overview: We worked with the team at UNC Greensboro to update the Jackson Library with some new study carrel options for their students, all in an effort to continue providing modern solutions to promote focus and productivity.

Why it Works: We loved working with this team and are very pleased with how the space turned out. Featuring our Roland Nook Study Carrels, this is a solution that doesn’t just provide privacy for students, but creates a feeling of refuge and security to maximize focus. Visually, we absolutely love the modern aesthetic produced by the simple color scheme and subtle contrast created by the wood tones with the gray seat. 

North Park University

Overview: This project actually has a pretty unique story that we shared about on our blog. We had the opportunity to partner with North Park University to redesign a portion of their Johnson Center to better connect with how students wanted to utilize the space.

Why it Works: The original design intent was for the student body to socialize, take breaks, and enjoy a well-deserved midday nap. However, students quickly expressed that they wanted space to be able to work on homework in-between classes, which is where Agati came in. We added banquette seating with tables and shelving on the panels, creating additional seating around the outside of the banquettes, and providing more space to work on projects and promote productivity.

Tampa International Airport

Overview: More and more, public spaces have to consider how they are going to provide modern solutions for contemporary needs. Especially in an airport, where things are fast-paced and patrons need a quick way to charge their phone or respond to email, it’s crucial to provide places they can find power (and lots of it) to keep their devices charged and stress low. We recently partnered with Tampa International Airport to do exactly that. 

Why it Works: This project features one of our Power Bar Charging Tables, a simple and effective solution for public spaces. Since the top and side panels are completely customizable, the team at the Tampa International Airport decided to move forward with a modern, sophisticated, marble-style charging station. And it works perfectly for their space.

Since power outlets line the edge of the work surface, the Power Bar is functionally effective to provide for their patrons. Visually, their decision on the style of the charging table supports an inviting and cohesive space that communicates to travelers that they really care.

Bluebonnet Branch Library

Bluebonnet Branch Library Pod Carrel
Overview: We had the opportunity to work with the Bluebonnet Branch Library in Baton Rouge, LA to support a redesign of their space. Their team wanted to provide more options for focused work without sacrificing a modern “feel” and aesthetic.
Why it Works: After discussing the direction they wanted to go with the space, we moved forward with creating a modified Agati POD Study Carrel.  Their team had us lower the panel height and add a 3-Form frosted acrylic screen to the top of the unit. Because we’re a just-in-time manufacturer, our team is able to offer a variety of modifications off of our standard designs.
For this specific space, these PODs work so well. They’re modern, inviting, and fit the aesthetic of the rest of the environment perfectly. Also featuring access to power, this solution in their space is effective for supporting every patron, no matter what they’re working on.

Your furniture options are the backbone of a patron’s experience in your space. From aesthetic to durability, the quality and intention of what makes up your space determine the effectiveness of the facility.

We hope these projects have inspired you to think through what’s available in your own space, and excite you about the mission you’re on within your community!


Whether it’s a full or partial redesign, it’s important to know what questions to ask and what to consider. After over 35 years of designing furniture for public spaces, we’ve learned a few things to help make the redesign a success. Download this free resource to learn 5 things to consider before you redesign: