Agati Furniture was started out of a desire to combine timeless designs and the durability required for furniture to stand up in public spaces. This is why we are eager to introduce you to the latest in our line of adaptable and versatile furniture—the Orb Lounge Chair and Orb Cluster collections.

The Orb Lounge Chair is the latest in soft seating designed for comfort, eye-catching design, and addressing the unique needs in public spaces.

Organic Design

Furniture for public spaces is often boxy and uninviting. We’ve taken a more natural and organic approach to our designs to combine durability and comfort without losing a modern, unique aesthetic.

We first interact with a new space using our eyes. The Orb Lounge Chair’s circular design mimics what we see in nature. This natural, organic shape invites people into your space and puts them immediately at ease.

You can even choose between a disc and x-base depending on which style fits your space.

Maximize Your Personal Bubble

Experts say that our personal bubble extends 18” from our bodies. Anything less than this feels like an intrusion that makes someone feel uneasy.

When designing public spaces, it’s important to balance the need for personal space and maximizing available seating.

The Orb Lounge Chair fits into clusters that have a minimum of 18” between seats to give users a sense of safety and comfort. Personal space psychologists say we’re more comfortable in public spaces, particularly high-traffic spaces, when we have that buffer area. Patrons can relax in the Orb Lounge Chair, formatted in a single chair or a cluster, to enjoy their own generous nesting space.

Maintenance Simplified

We’ve built our furniture not only to last, but to make maintenance a snap! The Orb Lounge Chair was designed to allow you to easily remove the back from the seat. This makes cleaning a breeze and simplifies the repair process in the future.

We know that the decision to invest in furniture is not one that should be taken lightly. With any furniture we create, prioritizing the total cost of ownership is crucial to what makes our furniture unique.

Supreme Levels of Comfort

The circular shape of the Orb Lounge Chair wraps around guests like a baseball glove, making it comfortable for a longer period than other furniture options.

Whether lounging or getting some work done, the Orb Lounge Chair delivers supreme comfort for the duration of your stay.

Cluster Options

The Orb Lounge Chair is also able to be clustered together to give you new options for seating layouts, all without sacrificing personal space.

The three- and four-seat Orb Cluster styles maintain and even extends the user’s personal space beyond the minimum 18”. These clusters allow you to maximize seating without sacrificing comfort. You can pick which shape works best for your floor plan, knowing that each user will have comfortable space with generous areas in-between.

The Orb Lounge’s circular footprint gives space planners new options for seating arrangement layouts. Designers are loving these new organic shapes as a playful alternative to row seating. You can have some fun configuring new floor plans that maximize seating capacity and personal space. The Orb Cluster is a perfect solution for individual users looking for a comfortable lounge chair with access to power and table space.

We are excited to be launching the Orb Lounge Chair and the Orb Lounge Cluster. It delivers superior comfort and an organic design, which is a key asset in any public or private space.

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