Below please find a listing of the current contracts that we are participating in.

For further assistance with contracts, please contact Nathaniel Hawkins at [email protected]

E&I Cooperative Services
Library Furnishings, Installation, & Related Services
Master Agreement Number: CNR01372

Federal Supply Schedule Group 71, Part III, Special Use Furniture
Contract Number: 47QSCA18D000H

GSA eLibrary Contractor Information

2nd GSA Contract: 47QSCA18D000Z

Group B—Office Furniture

GSA eLibrary Contractor Information

Alabama State Contract Furniture Contract 
Contract Number: MA220000002764

University of Alabama
Furniture Contract
Contract Number: T0544514

2023 University of AL Price List

Arizona State Contract 
Furniture Contract
Contract Number: ADSPO18-211721

Furniture Contract
Contract Number: 667-22

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)
Non Information Technology Commodities
Contract Number: 4-18-71-0168B (Library Furniture)

Contract Number: 4-23-05-1034 (Lounge & Courtroom Furniture)

Champs GPO

Furniture Contract

Contract#:  CC-FA-0540

Charlotte County Public Schools – Florida

Contact#: 21/22-626GB

City of Eugene, Oregon


Contract#: 201920075

Connecticut State Contract 
Furniture Collection – Excluding Lounge Seating
Contract Number: 07PSX0351 Library Furniture

Delaware State Contract 
Dealer Held Contract
Dealers of Record:
GA Blanco & Sons, Inc. – Mike Barko   (800) 931-0027 x3003

Corporate Interiors – Shawn Bell – (302) 356-1047

Douron – Ed Matthews – (302) 455-1895

FCCC – Foundation of Community Colleges Californi

Contract Number: 23-001 (Facilities Fixtures, Furnishings, Equipment & Services)

Georgia State Contract
Furniture, Office, Computer and Educational
Contract#: 99999-001-SPD0000198

Tier 1 Price List

Tier 2 Price List   

Tier 3 Price List

Tier 4 Price List

Dealer List

Kentucky State Contract

Contract #: MA 758 2200000602


Contract#: KPN-202012-02B

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)
Contract#: MC10-C07


Contract#: 07-67

New York State Contract
Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Furniture
Contract#: PC68277

NYS OGS – 20915 23109 Furniture, All Types


Contract#: PS20130

North Carolina State Contract 
Contract#: 201800242

Purchasing Corporation of America

Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, and Related Items

Contract # PCA OD-369-22

Pennsylvania State Contract
Commercial Furniture
Contract#: 4400025633

South Carolina State Contract


TIPS Furniture, Furnishings and Services

Contract#: 230301

University of Wisconsin

Miscellaneous Educational Related Furniture

Contract#: 23-5665