Wood library furniture doesn’t have to be boring.

It’s a cornerstone of library study furniture, but don’t let the past become the present. Contemporary wood library furniture is increasing in demand, causing higher education furniture manufacturers to rethink the traditional library furniture aesthetic. When we think of wood library furniture, we think of grand reading rooms, shelves lining the walls of a cozy reading space with a fireplace and a wing-back chair in the corner. Today’s wood library furniture is no longer stuck in this design universe.

Lighter wood tones, Modernist movement inspiration, shapes and lengths of all sizes differentiate contemporary wood library furniture from its predecessors, while maintaining a sense of familiarity and tradition we all seek from libraries. So, where do we go from here? Does this mean the era of traditional wood library furniture is over and we need to get with the times? Of course not. Traditional wood library furniture isn’t going anywhere. It’s a staple of countless institutions, but with new generations come new aesthetics, and addressing both utility and aesthetics best solves your furniture conundrums. Interested in our wood library furniture selection? Let us know >