4 Examples of Law Library Design

There are over 1,000 law libraries across the United States, making up just over 1% of the total libraries in the nation.

At their beginning, law libraries became necessary due to the increasing cost of books and the wealth of specialized information pertaining to the law.

Today, many law libraries are located in conjunction with law schools and high-traffic areas where law is practiced. These libraries often contain robust access to its home state’s current laws, published decisions of the federal and state courts, current annotated state statutes, constitution rulings, court rules, and more!

Law libraries not only keep a record of matters of law but also house valuable study material to be accessed by students. They are places where students come to study individually, collaborate in groups, and prepare for a career in practicing law.

But law libraries are also places of legacy.
They are places of history.
They are places of meaning and reputation.
They are bridges of what has already happened and what’s to come.

Here at Agati, we have had the honor of celebrating the legacy of law libraries across the country by bringing modern study solutions that benefit each law library in their unique context.

Today we wanted to share 4 inspiring examples of law library design (the last one is a blast from the past!):

American University Washington School of Law

Custom library reading room tables with integrated power and lamp in Law School

Custom library reading room tables with integrated power and lamp in Law School

Custom library reading room table with integrated power and lamp in Law School

The clean lines in this installation are our favorite part! This space features a clean, traditional feel with plenty of beautiful natural wood tones throughout. Featuring our Brown Table collection, the contemporary solid wood gives each table a handsome yet simple style that is at home in any law library.

Practically, we incorporated modern solutions in this timeless design by providing integrated power access with hidden cord management through the legs to keep extra cords out of sight.

Combined with the natural light and views from the streets of Washington, D.C., this environment is truly something special.

Georgia State University Law Library

Looking out across Atlanta, the Georgia State University College of Law Library features a variety of effective environments to support the different study styles of its students. The segmented Manifest Desking System is the perfect solution for students to work collaboratively or individually, taking advantage of the available space while still maintaining a private study area. Students are able to spread out and study for hours without losing focus or being distracted.

There is a unique emphasis on both open space and segmented space throughout this modern library. The addition of the Power Bar provides an ideal collaboration table with a modern style that compliments the original architecture. Wire management that is contained behind the side panels helps avoid unnecessary clutter.

Repeating the light wood motif throughout the library, the study carrels with custom privacy screens also provide an elegant individual environment for deeper study that students can utilize. 

University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law Library

Law Library Study Pods

Study Booth in Law Library

The Brandeis School of Law Library includes a ground-floor meeting area and a top floor designed for Quiet Study. Among the stacks of law resources that fill the quiet study area, 30 Study PODs line the entire perimeter.

This smart design capitalizes on the low-traffic alleys around the stacks to further enhance the POD’s refuge qualities. Individual PODs provide a cozy workspace where students can remain productive for hours.

This is a compelling, future-focused decision that sets an example for law libraries across the nation. The POD and POD Duo are a perfect bridge from traditional work styles to the needs of modern students. With integrated power, space for bags and small items, and ample workspace for study, these solutions are perfect for law students.

We met with Kurt Metzmeier, Interim Law Library Director, who told us that students use the ground floor “for group meetings, where they collaborate, debate and yell, like lawyers do!” Then they go to the upstairs PODs with acoustical panels when they need quiet focus.

DePaul University – A Blast From the Past!

Here’s one from the last century!

This installation at DePaul University’s law library is a primary example of just how long we have partnered with law libraries to bring solutions that benefit their students and patrons. We dug into our archives for this one from the 1990s, showing the timeless nature of handcrafted, high-quality furniture.

These carrel designs offer a secluded space to study and remain productive during long study sessions. The natural wood matches the library’s traditional decor and holds up against the test of time. Custom shelves were created on each carrel so students could store study materials and have everything they needed within reach.

Looking back on a project like this always brings a smile to our face as we think of all the students that laid the foundation of their future careers in law by utilizing the furniture we had the opportunity to create. That’s something special!

Law Library Solutions For the Future

We have had the honor of working with countless law libraries to bring creative solutions to meet the needs of law students and combine our solutions with a style that honors the legacy each institution carries.

As times change, it’s valuable for law libraries to shift their designs along with them.

Two of our favorite solutions for study spaces are our FrameWork Movable Walls and POD Study Carrels. Our FrameWork collection allows you to easily repurpose and reconfigure a space at a moment’s notice. And our POD study carrels are our most popular solution for a reason, offering a unique feeling of haven and focus that allows users to remain productive throughout their study session.

Whether you want to bring one of our standard solutions to your space or create something customized to exactly what you need, our team can help you find the perfect solution to provide flexibility, focus, and intention. Message an expert today >>