Limited Space? Start Stacking. | Introducing Agati’s New Wood Stacking Chairs

Here at Agati, we have been designing furniture for public spaces for almost 40 years. Throughout those four decades, we have had innovation at the forefront of our thinking: How can we create new furniture solutions that help people feel focused, comfortable, secure, productive, and safe?

Those questions have led to our award-winning POD, our powered tables, movable walls, and much more.

Wooden chairs have been a staple in our collection for many years. For libraries, schools, chapels, and other public spaces, these have been core additions to their space.

That is why we are so eager to have made some slight adjustments to our signature designs to launch our brand new collection of wood stacking chairs.

Our wood stacking chairs come in five designs, to support your existing aesthetic: MontereyGothicEllaDePaul, and Della.

Every new piece of furniture we create is handcrafted, and goes through an extensive development process to ensure it functions exactly as it needs to.

We ask questions like:

  • Will this piece function for years under heavy use?
  • Will weight distribute properly?
  • Is this comfortable for people to sit in for long periods of time?
  • Is the aesthetic compelling?
  • Does this solve a unique need for public spaces?

These are some of the questions that also went into the development of our wood stacking chairs.

Here’s a sneak peek from the testing of various bases for our wood stacking chairs from Joe Agati’s wood shop in Palm Springs, CA:

We are a team of problem-solvers at heart, and all of our most effective furniture solutions have come from the commitment to trial-and-error. Even more so, the commitment to better.

This collection has been no different. If you need to transform a room to host an event or need extra seats to collaborate on a project, our stackable wood chairs allow you to remain flexible and stack unnecessary chairs out of sight.

Whether you are furnishing a place of worship, a library, an event space, a country club, or just looking to upgrade your current furniture set, the sturdy design and use of natural wood is sure to elevate your space. The craftsmanship is evident in the visual elegance, long-term comfort, and years of use you’ll get out of each piece.

Interested in learning more about our wood stacking chairs? Let’s start a conversation! >>