Agati Furniture Partners on Custom University of Central Florida Library Renovation

Our team recently had the opportunity to partner with architecture firm Steinberg Hart on a unique project at the University of Central Florida’s John C. Hitt Library.

This project has actually been in the design works for Steinberg Hart since 2003-2004, as UCF was looking to create a “library of the 21st century.” And they did it. These were Steinberg Hart’s guiding principles from the architectural project:

  • Create a distinctive identity unique to the UCF campus
  • Push innovation to plan and design a library of the 21st Century
  • Accommodate both collaborative learning and individual study
  • Partner with the community to house a diversity of services
  • Promote health and wellness through active design
  • Define a welcoming exterior through green spaces and reading

You can read a recent article from UCF on the project here.

A central goal was to condense all of the books into a high density Automated Retrieval Center (ARC) and have students request materials via an online portal, freeing up the library space for an extremely diverse mix of collaborative and individual seating for the students. A huge part of this also was a Grand Reading Room featuring custom Agati chairs.

Here at Agati, we are problem solvers at heart, passionate about finding meaningful solutions for public spaces. This project has been a perfect example of this, and we have a few images we’d love to show you from the installation!

This installation features:

Duo & Single PODs

In the gathering spaces of the John C. Hitt Library, you’ll find both Single PODs & Duo PODs connected together to provide a variety of study and collaboration options for students to utilize, while capitalizing on the natural human desire for refuge.

Custom Agati Chairs & Tables

This is by far the highlight of the installation for us, featured in the Grand Reading Room on the quietest floor of the library. Providing a whimsical, eye-catching, and creative feature piece, this space was designed to draw people in and provide students with a unique place to study.

Joe Agati working on the custom chair design.

Manifest Workstations

Placing students “in” the table rather than “at” the table, the Manifest ZigZag Workstation is a perfect solution for these computer stations in the John C. Hitt library. In addition to the visual intrigue of the curved surface, this workstation features dividers and integrated power access.

We were so honored to partner on this project at the University of Central Florida! We can’t wait to hear how students are utilizing this space.

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