How 3 Libraries Are Seeing the Manifest Collection Solve Real Problems

One of our core values here at Agati is “We solve problems.” We are passionate about designing solutions that meet real problems people are facing in their public spaces.

Often, one of the most significant challenges public spaces face is needing to provide a large amount of workspaces for people to work in, balanced with the reality that people feel less comfortable sitting next to someone they don’t know.

We see this come to life with traditional library tables. Typically, the first seat to become occupied at an empty table is the middle seat. In this middle seat, users have table space on both sides and in front of them to buffer strangers and maintain a personal bubble. The next seats to fill are those on the corners, but on the opposite side of the table. For these seats, there is a middle seat buffer, and the table space in front creates distance between the user in the middle seat across from them.

Lost Seating in Library Settings

Our team set out to solve that problem.

The Manifest Desking System is built upon the idea of affordable collaboration and configurability. Not only does the extension of the desk into the space between us and our neighbors make Manifest a great desking choice for individual work, but it is a collaborative library furniture solution unlike any other. The extension also serves as the perfect amount of space to collaborate with a friend sitting next to you.

Zig Zag Table for Libraries

Manifest – Zig Zag

We’ve seen the Manifest collection solve practical challenges in spaces across the country. Today we want to explore how this solution is solving problems in 3 different libraries:

Lenexa City Center Library

Computer Lab Furniture


The Lenexa City Center Library in Lenexa, KS needed to create dedicated computer space and workstations, but they wanted to avoid lost seats when people utilize the space. With limited space, they needed to ensure that every area was used to the fullest.

The Zig Zag Manifest Desking System is a unique solution that places users “set in” to the table. This makes it more comfortable for people to sit next to someone they don’t know, and the spaces in-between each seat can act as a place for collaboration as well.

Today, the Lenexa City Center Library is using the Zig Zag Manifest Desking System to offer dedicated work spaces without losing precious space. The second picture above is a perfect example of the Manifest in action! Every seat is filled!

Check out the full installation at Lenexa City Center Library >>


South Puget Sound Community College


With traditional desking systems, our personal bubbles are invaded and generally, we feel uncomfortable sitting next to a stranger without a barrier to protect ourselves and our personal belongings.

This was a reality that South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, WA wanted to avoid as they redefined their space. They had a tight space and needed to effectively balance solutions that would support the number of people necessary and still give students a feeling of privacy.

After discussing and understanding their needs and goals for the space, we ultimately modified our Manifest POD to reduce the footprint and still provide users with the feeling of being enveloped and secure. This has effectively provided individual and collaborative space for students, so they are supported no matter what they need to work on.

Check out the full installation at South Puget Sound Community College >>


University of Central Florida

Manifest – Straight 


The University of Central Florida has done several renovations over the last several years. (In fact, we interviewed Frank Allen, Senior Associate Director of the John C Hitt Library at the University of Central Florida, on our podcast recently. Watch or listen here.)

Through these renovations, they have created many different types of spaces to meet the complex and changing work patterns students have. From individual work patterns, collaborative work patterns, and everywhere in-between, they were looking to provide valuable space to support all of it.

As part of the renovation alongside the University of Central Florida, we modified our straight Manifest Desking System in order to balance space constraints while still giving their students a feeling of privacy as well as a large work surface. The added privacy panels support this goal as well, providing students with comfortable space to work and remain productive.

Check out the full installation at University of Central Florida >>

At Agati, we value being on the cutting edge of innovative public spaces. That means we are always watching where real trends in human behavior are headed and creating solutions ahead of the curve to support those innate needs and behaviors from the people public spaces are supporting.

The Manifest collection is a valuable solution for libraries looking to support a wide variety of needs, get the most out of limited space, and help patrons feel focused and secure.

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