Privacy Chair

A Space to Call Your Own

The research is clear. In order to achieve deep focus and comfort, there is one thing that you need above all else—a feeling of security. If you’ve been in a busy space before where seating was scarce, you probably felt a little uneasy; like you had to make sure your belongings weren’t crowding anyone while feeling distracted by everything going on around you. If you are subconsciously worrying about what’s happening around you, you can hardly be productive in that space!

This is innate human behavior at work. We need to feel safe and secure, without losing the ability to know what’s happening around us.

Here at Agati, we took the time to do the research and were the first in the industry to design the original POD. In addition to the POD, we have several other privacy chairs that offer similar solutions so you can feel secure, keep your productivity strong, and have a space to call your own for however long you need it.

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