Furniture for Social Distancing

No one could have predicted the events that would take place this year. Many public spaces got turned upside down by the serious measures that had to be taken in order to keep their patrons and communities safe.

It’s been hard. It’s been exhausting. But we’re so proud of all the innovative work we’ve seen from libraries, hospitals, airports, and many other public spaces to modify their furniture for social distancing.

During COVID-19, we’re all having to answer questions we’ve never had to answer before. How will we maintain social distancing? How do we need to adjust the flow of our spaces to best support the new needs of our community? What previously effective areas of our space don’t make as much sense anymore due to the changes in our world?

Combining both standard and custom products, our team prides ourselves on being problem-solvers to help you use your current infrastructure to continue providing for your community. Let’s talk!