Navigating the Era of Flexibility (& the Decentralization of Public Spaces)

Public spaces have experienced a period of transition unlike any other. Beginning with the technological advances we’ve seen in the last decade alone, and most recently the adaptability forced upon us by a global pandemic, we officially find ourselves in the era of flexibility.

Anchors in spaces have long been becoming decentralized, seen in shifts like the exchange of large, stationary circulation desks for smaller mobile stations strategically located. But the last anchor that has remained has been the large computer workstation, now also becoming decentralized for adaptability, safety, and productivity.

We’ve been navigating these shifts for a while. From a new take on study carrels to the introduction of our movable wall series called FrameWork and now to the introduction of our Adapt collection of mobile workstations, we are trying to better serve public environments in navigating the shifts taking place.

But it really does all start with flexibility. How adaptable are you and your space to a changing environment and changing needs?

We all have to start considering:

  • How quickly can our space be adjusted to support our community?
  • What solutions can we implement so space limitations don’t determine our effectiveness?
  • Is collaboration easy in our facility?
  • Is it easy to focus in our space?

Meet the Adapt Mobile Workstations

Forming the foundation of flexibility required for the future of public spaces, the Adapt Mobile Workstation is a modern series developed to address timely challenges. Never before have spaces had to support such a wide variety of community needs. This versatile, cost-effective collection is built specifically to adapt to the unique work patterns of your community.

Limitless Configurations & Custom Colors

The thing we have loved most since launching this collection is that we keep coming up with new configurations. We’ll be sitting in a meeting one day and someone will say, “I just thought of another!” and draw out another great option for how this series could be used.

And we can’t wait to see even more ways people use them to support unique needs in their libraries!

The potential configurations really are almost limitless. With such a variety of tabletop shapes, the pieces can be connected, split apart, rotated, and combined in unique ways. They can support collaboration or individual work. They can be moved without hassle. And with a huge selection of color options, this collection also helps bring a space to life.

Here are a few examples:

Teal Arrow Top Adapt Workstation

Pear Curved Top Adapt Workstation

Red Rectangle Top Adapt Workstation

Gray Trapezoid Top Adapt Workstation

Gray Trapezoid Top Adapt Workstations – Circle Configuration

Pumpkin Rectangle Top Adapt Workstation

Learn more about the Adapt collection —

Adaptability = Effectiveness

In any space, you want to focus on what’s ahead, securing a strong future of support for your community. But that’s not easy. Today, libraries are places for study, community meetings, classes, computer access, relaxing, kids’ programs, reading, collaboration, research, and so much more.

But we only have so much space.

As this trend continues to take hold, our ability to adapt and adjust on-the-fly really will determine our effectiveness.

We can’t wait to see how people continue to innovate, adjust, and make a lasting difference in their community. You have what it takes, and our team is cheering you on!

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