Need Inspiration? 5 Projects That Will Spark Ideas for Your Space

We are passionate about what we get to do here at Agati Furniture. As a team of problem-solvers, every project gives us a unique opportunity to creatively support a community and design specialized solutions to address specific problems.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve had the opportunity to partner on installations in hundreds of spaces. Each one is unique, and we love looking back at the variety of environments that we’ve been part of creating.

Every once in a while, we like to pull together some recent projects we loved being part of to spark ideas for you and your space. You may have seen some of our previous design compilations:

Today we’ve got another fresh set of inspiration for you! From the memorable project at the University of Central Florida to the innovative installation at the Lafayette Airport, here are 5 recent projects that our team is really proud of.

We hope these projects inspire ideas for your own space!

Lafayette Airport

Overview: We recently partnered with Lafayette Airport (LFT) to feature our Pod SinglePod Duo, Gee Collection, and Power Bar to provide travelers with intentional space to settle in, get work done, and charge their devices before their flight. 

Why it Works: Our team gets so excited when we see an airport willing to innovate in unique ways to set their space apart. That’s exactly what the team at Lafayette Airport did with this project. Through strategic furniture choices, they are pioneering the customer-first perspective that is the future of aviation. While the PODs provide a secure place for travelers to find refuge from a busy terminal, integrated power access in each piece in this installation ensures that people will have no problem staying connected while they wait for their next flight.

On a separate note, how cool are those pattern choices? Great job, LFT!

Multnomah County Courthouse

Overview: Multnomah County was building up and redesigning a new Central Courthouse to better support their community’s needs, while providing a restorative environment for people in the space. Check out the full project overview here.

Why it Works: Years ago, courtroom design was primarily utilitarian, with aesthetics, comfort, and amenities being primarily ignored. Fortunately times have changed and creating a more pleasing and functional space has become a priority. That’s exactly why this space works so well.

The most unique part of the Multnomah County project is that the vast majority of the furniture featured here is customized to solve specific problems that the commercial furniture industry couldn’t meet with standard products. From the custom counsel tables to the standing- and table-height Power Bars in the jury waiting areas to the fully-custom public terminal tables, the design here is all very intentional.

Design that is focused first and foremost on the final user is always the most effective. The design team at SRG, our team, and Multnomah County all took a user-first approach that resulted in a space that really makes sense for their community.

Bloomfield Township Public Library

Overview: This project was such a fun design refresh at the Bloomfield Township Public Library in Michigan, a space that champions the power of words to spark discovery and imagination.

Why it Works: How cool is this space? Bloomfield is a perfect example of a public environment making flexible use a priority. In a single space, you see our Roma Lounge Series, Cerino Wood Study Tables with Ella Chairs, POD Study Carrels, and Nook Duo Study Carrels. This addresses the reality that public spaces need to be equipped for a wider set of needs than ever before.

Additionally, the aesthetics are a huge win in how this space turned out. The natural color tones and wood grain create a calming feeling, supported by the wave patterns on the ceiling and strategic lighting.

(These are biophilic patterns in action. Check out our podcast episode with Bill Browning to discover why that matters!)

University of Central Florida

Overview: Our team recently had the opportunity to partner with architecture firm Steinberg Hart on a unique project at the University of Central Florida’s John C. Hitt Library. This project has actually been in the design works for Steinberg Hart since 2003-2004, as UCF was looking to create a “library of the 21st century.” Read the full project overview here.

Why it Works: The Grand Reading Room is a clear highlight of this redesigned library. It’s not every day you see a space that makes you feel like you transported into Alice in Wonderland! Providing a whimsical, eye-catching, and creative feature piece, the Grand Reading Room was designed to draw people in and provide students with a unique place to study. Our team is really proud of how those hand-crafted custom chairs and custom-length tables turned out!

Beyond that, the brand new POD Study Carrels engage students with a refuge to settle in and focus during a long study session or while working on a big project.

This space truly is one of a kind and we were honored to be part of it!

Grand Island Airport

Overview: Grand Island Airport (GRI) in Nebraska has a rich history, providing training space for 3,500 airmen during World War II and now serving 50,000+ passengers each year. We were able to partner with them to provide modern seating solutions for their travelers.
Why it Works: This space now features our Gee Collection with occasional tables and privacy panels added. One of the big wins at GRI is the open and clean aesthetic. The openness really provides travelers with a warm welcome in a space that feels modern and intentional. The simplicity in this space is exactly what it needs to be to function effectively.
Speaking of functionality, that is also a core win here. Going beyond the traditional beam seating to provide modern lounge seating is a decision that will pay off over and over again for GRI as travelers can experience increased comfort and productivity while they wait for their flight.

Furniture truly is the backbone of a space. The cohesion of functionality and aesthetic will shape someone’s overall experience, even subconsciously. Does your furniture meet your patrons’ needs?

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Whether it’s a full or partial redesign, it’s important to know what questions to ask and what to consider. After over 35 years of designing furniture for public spaces, we’ve learned a few things to help make the redesign a success. Download this free resource to learn 5 things to consider before you redesign: