Privacy seating with panel walls upholstered in graphic print fabric
Lounge Chair configuration with two seats and privacy panel next to one lounge chair with screen


Gee Cove offers the comfort of a lounge chair, wrapped by a panel privacy screen. Your visitors get a quiet seat protected by panels with access to power and data, without sacrificing style. Wide stone top arms provide space for coffee and tablets. The configuration of protected seating within lobbies, open plan offices or any public or office environment provides enhanced functionality for users.  Privacy seating with two chairs provides collaboration opportunities with partners, shielded from distractions.

Industry-Leading Privacy Seating

Agati was the first in the industry to design the original POD, leading the way for an industry-wide focus on effective privacy seating.

After researching the study habits of students in university libraries for forty years, the solution was clear: Students want a quiet refuge that they can claim as their own personal space to focus.

With curved walls that create an individual sanctuary, it isn’t just the perfect solution for students, but also for travelers at airports, guests in a lobby, and waiting rooms as well. The POD features a high-quality table top with built-in power to get work done and charge your devices.

college students studying in modern study carrel POD in university library
Modern Study Carrel in vibrant orange fabric for college students to study in university libraries

Eye-Catching Privacy Seating

Aesthetic matters. In addition to the biophilic principles that humans feel connected to nature-like patterns such as the curved lines of our privacy PODs, strong design is what welcomes people into your space. Eye-catching, quality furniture communicates intention and care.

Once they sit down, they are welcomed by acoustic panels that provide protection and privacy, creating the perfect workspace to focus on a project, quietly collaborate in a POD Duo, or participate in a video conference.

Reducing Stress & Promoting Focus

Agati has always been focused on how we can create furniture that improves the user’s experience in a space by addressing private space for both comfort and user health.

When it comes to furniture, people need a healthy balance of both prospect and refuge. They need to feel secluded without losing their ability to look out across their environment.

When we don’t feel concerned about what is happening around us, we are able to relax and focus on the task at hand. Agati’s privacy seating does just that with high backs and sides to provide an intentionally curated environment for increased productivity.

Healthcare lobby lounge seating with privacy panels and integrated occasional table with power
Modular lounge seating with privacy panels and powered tables in University Library

Versatile Privacy Furniture for Public Spaces

Whether you need a one-on-one meeting place or just a private area to take a video call, what you need is adequate space, privacy, comfort, and charging options. Traditionally, spaces would be outfitted with numerous meeting rooms that are more suited to study groups or team meetings. These rooms take up valuable space and leave the individual or duo without a space, or pushing them to take up valuable space in a larger meeting room.

Enter the Gee Privacy Collection. With superior comfort and three-walls of privacy, this series of privacy chairs is ideal for creating a versatile private space within a public space.

Here at Agati, we are problem-solvers at heart passionate about leveraging our current product lineup or customizing a solution just for you. We’d love to partner with you to select the best furniture solution to address goals for your space! Get started by messaging one of our experts today >>

“Agati study carrels are perfect for libraries with their unique design and durable materials that work well with our existing furniture, but will still coordinate with newer pieces we hope to incorporate years down the road. Students who are surveyed always mention how much they love the POD study carrels and how it demonstrates that their college cares about providing them with quality study furniture that meets their needs as 21st century learners.”

Michelle Ohnstad, Library Operations Coordinator, MiraCosta College

At Agati, we know that traditionally providing this kind of space on a large scale can be costly, which is why we have brought all of those traits into individual pieces of furniture. You no longer have to build entire rooms that take up valuable space and make users feel like they are in a fishbowl. Our solutions are backed by research on human nature and are proven to reduce stress and provide a focused environment.

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