The Top 18 Questions We Hear From Clients (& Our Answers)

One of our top priorities at Agati has always been helping our clients fully understand our process and products so they can find the perfect furniture solutions for their public space. 

Our attentive team listens thoroughly, clarifies areas of confusion, and works with you to customize Agati products to your exact preferences.

Today, our Solution Design Team and A&D Specialists are pairing 18 common questions we’ve heard over the past 40+ years with their go-to answer for each one. If you’ve been wondering about any of our offerings here at Agati, we hope this list of answers contains the details you need!

(If you have other questions, our team is always here to help. Reach out anytime.)

#1: Where is Agati manufactured?

Agati is designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. We are a family-owned company that has been based in Chicago for over 40 years. We have multiple vendors that we work with in the Chicago area, IN, and upstate NY.

To learn more, check out our Buy American Statement!

#2: What material should I use for my wood table, carrel, or desk?

We recommend using plastic laminate for the work surface because of its durability against scratches and its superior longevity. This material will stand up to wear and tear and serve you well for years to come.

If the table you’re specifying has veneer or solid wood legs or work surface edges, we’re happy to stain match the plastic laminate used in the work surface so the whole product looks cohesive.

Wood Library Tables

#3: What material should I use on the Pod?

We typically recommend vinyl for the Pod seat and back because this material offers excellent durability and ease of cleaning. 

However, we recommend that you use a woven fabric for the surround screen. This is because a woven fabric is typically more resistant to punctures and tears than vinyl, a quality that can help protect your furniture against accidental bumps. Woven fabrics also offer better acoustics, and tend to be easier to repair (and they tend to look better with repairs) as compared to other materials.

For busy public spaces like airports, libraries, universities, and government buildings, using robust materials that can support multiple users in a single day and clean up easily in the case of a spill will make a world of difference in your furniture satisfaction. 

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Study pod for two people in library

#4: Why does a fabric need to be “tested” before I specify it on a product?

There are many beautiful fabrics in the world, but not all of them are ideal for every furniture product.

The following Agati products must have fabric go through a “stretch test” before going into production:

This is to ensure longevity and make sure the fabric you’ve chosen is suitable for the piece—If it is too stretchy, it will sag or puddle over time, and if it’s too stiff it could pucker along the seams. 

We always test materials out before you buy to make sure you’ll be 100% happy with how the fabric functions in your desired furniture solution.

Internally, we have a “Fabric Bank” that consists of fabrics that have been tested before. We retest every 3 years to make sure our information is up to date. We are happy to test any fabric you want to use, and are usually able to share the results within a few days.

#5: Do I HAVE to use the standard wood finishes on your website?

No! Our standard wood finishes are simply a collection of finishes that we recommend and have samples readily available for. But we are more than happy to stain our products to match a plastic laminate or existing wood sample free of charge.

#6: What is your lead time?

Our typical lead time is 10-12 weeks on standard product. For custom/modified product, our lead times are typically closer to 16-18 weeks.

If you’re looking for phenomenal furniture solutions but need a fast turnaround, we do have a new POD Quick Ship program with a greatly expedited 4-6 week lead time!

We will do our very best to accommodate for any specific deadlines, so if you have a space that needs furnishing fast, please reach out to our team to discuss potential solutions.

#7: I love your product, but need to change something so it fits my space better. Can you modify the products on the website?

Yes! At Agati, we proudly make our products to order.

Many people find that our standard products fit perfectly into their space as-is. But if you do need to make any changes, our skilled team of designers and engineers can tweak our furniture solutions to make the product work best for you. That means you have the ultimate freedom to alter features such as a product’s dimensions and materials or request construction modifications.

SEE THE DETAILS: Agati Custom Furniture

Got any questions about what else you may be able to modify? Connect with our expert team to discuss your vision!

Custom wood library chairs and library tables with lamps in University

Custom Installation at University of Central Florida

#8: Can you help us with space planning?

Definitely – we have a dedicated in-house interior designer and a savvy solution-design team who can evaluate your space to provide floor plans and product recommendations based on your unique needs. 

To assist us with this, it is helpful if you have photographs, a floorplan, or CAD models of your space so that we know what we’re working with.

Our team is passionate about using our understanding of human behavior and needs to help you design a space that your patrons will love spending time in.

#9: What happens if I fall in love with a floor plan, but it’s out of my budget for now?

No problem! Once we help you develop a layout that you love, we’re happy to help you troubleshoot—whether that means breaking your plan out into separate phases, helping you determine which Agati products are the highest priority in your space, or redesigning the space or products to be as cost-effective as possible.

#10: Do you have Revit families available?

We do have Revit for several of our collections. They are located here on our website within the product catalog as well as on our Resources page. If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out to our team for more specific guidance!

#11: I see that your website lists two options for side seating – “standard” and “specialty.” What’s the difference between these two options?

Good eye – the side seating on our website is broken out into two distinct groups.

Our “Standard Side Seating” section is where you will find our most popular chair styles that we’ve opted to always keep in stock. You can order these seating solutions in any quantity you wish, but keep in mind that material limitations may come into play in the case of a particularly large order.

The “Specialty Side Seating” section is for chairs that require a minimum order. We do not always have these products in stock, so in order to run these styles, you will need to make a minimum order of 100. The good news is, since we are running these products for you from scratch, you can enjoy a great deal of flexibility on materials and finishes.

College of Idaho Library Etta Tables and Seating Image

#12: Is Agati on any contracts, and what contracts can we use for our project?

We’re on several government and cooperative contracts! These include E&I, TIPS, OMNIA, Buyboard, and GSA. Please see here to view a full list of the contracts we are currently on.

We also have a Contract Specialist who can assist with finding the best contracts for your clients and answer any questions you may have about the terms.

#13: I see you have a lot of options in your recommended finish cards – can I get a full set of all of these samples?

We are happy to send out samples and would love to help you narrow down your options. We send out samples in batches of up to 10 at a time, so just let us know which finish cards you’d like to see and we’ll send them over! Get started here.

#14: Some of your plastic laminate finish options are noted as “standard finishes” while others are “premium finishes.” Why is that?

If you have not specified a plastic laminate yet, your quote probably includes a “standard” plastic laminate. A “premium” plastic laminate typically requires an upcharge.

What denotes a premium finish can vary by plastic laminate manufacturer, but premium finishes typically either have a more complicated or pronounced texture than usual, or are one of the newer, more “modern” looks released by the manufacturer.

#15: I want to use a plastic laminate option that is not noted on your finish card, but I don’t know if it is “standard” or “premium.” How can I find this information?

Finish options are denoted in different ways based on the manufacturer of the plastic laminate, and every manufacturer’s “standard” finish is unique to that manufacturer. If you’re unsure of what would be considered a “standard” or “premium” finish, just reach out to our team. We’re happy to help you find the most accurate information!

Library Furniture with curved library shelving and seating

#16: Are the fabrics listed in the finish cards on your website the only fabrics I can use?

You are not limited to these fabrics! Agati is technically a COM (Customer Owned Material) company. For this reason, we do not have set standard fabrics like most manufacturers. 

We frequently work with CF Stinson, Mayer, Momentum, Maharam, DesignTex, Camira, ArcCom, and Architex, and we are happy to help you pick out your ideal fabric from their selections as well. We will even purchase it on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your personalized Agati furniture pieces!

#17: Does Agati provide metal shelving?

We do not provide metal shelves, but we CAN provide top and end caps for existing or client-provided metal shelves.

We are specialized in wood or plastic laminate shelving, especially when there are particular requirements that need to be accommodated, like specialty sizes or weight capacities.

2 large circular library shelving units on casters with book display

#18: Does Agati ship out of the country?

We do! Agati products are manufactured in the US, so if you are ordering within the contiguous United States, Mexico or Canada, our team can work with you on the shipping logistics. 

If you are ordering from overseas, we will typically crate our product for overseas shipping and ship it to a US port of your choosing. From there, it will be up to your freight forwarder to organize the overseas shipping portion, foreign ground transport, installation, and associated paperwork.

Got a question about Agati Furniture that wasn’t answered in this FAQ? Let’s chat – our expert team would be more than happy to answer.